So this was…

So this was my day. It started icky, with a good I’m-never-getting-out-of-bed session:

Followed by an even longer must-get-up-must-get-up session, and off to a vet appt for Layla baby. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in Boston and had been on antibiotics for the past 30 days, so I wanted to make sure I got her checked out to see how she was doing and where we’d go from there.

Turns out, she’s only a carrier, but so log as she shows no signs or symptoms of the disease, we don’t need any further treatment. AND, because Alberta is quite a different atmosphere for disease, she doesn’t need to take heart worm meds! My wallet and I are very happy. As a treat, (and for our sanity at home, read: tappity tap tappity tap) I had her nails trimmed. Girlfrann got her nails did, y’all.

If she knew about my blog, she probably wouldn’t be too pleased I posted a picture that’s awful close to her privates, but she IS a dog and she OFTEN sticks her pooper in my face to show affection, soooo…….

We got home and I was craving veggies in the worst way. I’m telling ya, my body is whack today. I have an owwie belly to start, then it wants veggies (aka: bloat bites)!?!?! Rude.

I listened anyways and threw together some mushies, peps, and basketballs (brussel sprouts). Sure enough, I was back under the covers and back to moanin and groanin. Sorry, boy readers- I’m just tellin it like it is. Tyler does win boyfriend of the year award, however, and here’s the proof:

A) I would’ve eaten them anyways
B) I don’t know why I had to put his last name in my phone. I guess on the off chance I have a Rachel-McAdams-in-The-Vow-moment.

Per usche, I made third meal. Quinoa, saw-seege, ‘maters, and spinach. Hit the spot.


After, I went to the Y for a little cardio (just what I needed after a day full of veggies. Not) and to take the Barbell Blast class. The class was super low-impact and not really what I was looking for, but at least now I know. I’m thinking of doing my own circuit session tomorrow then taking spin. Weeeee shall see.

That’s all for now. I have been told it’s lights out time, and I can only write so much while propped on my elbows and the covers over my head.

I’m looking to get a bit more feedback from readers, so I pose you these questions:
Does anyone still buy from the concession stand at movie theaters? Do you sneak in your own stuff? Or take nothing at all?

Peace, I’m out.

4 thoughts on “So this was…

  1. Always sneak in Panera or Corner Bakery sandwiches when I go to the movies, but haven’t been in soooo long! :-/
    Maybe I will make this a “gotta-do-it” when I get moved to TX!
    On your recent state of affairs….(take some Advil, and use a hot water bottle). L8tr 😉

  2. I do bring my own water to the movies (not that I go more than once a year), but I love movie popcorn and artificial-butter-flavor so much that I have been known to skip dinner to make room…I’ve also been known to go into a movie theater JUST to buy the popcorn, not to watch the movie!

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