Photo Shoot

Yay! I’m done with the course! The days were starting to get long with all the information/in-classness. For lunch, I walked to the nearest Safeway and picked up a Greek themed meal.

Liberte yogurt

And a Greek salad

But I ate only like 2 pieces of the feta..too much cheese + my belly= no bueno

I also changed my nail color-
don’t mind the terrible condition of my fingers- I had just pumped gas bare-handed and it was freezing and windy and snowy.

Now that I have finished this Basic Theory course, I only have one more 8 hour day for a Group Fundamentals course and I’ll be able to teach! You say: Phew. I say: Phew is right.

I decided to have a photo shoot with Layla when I got home. No biggie

Then I wanted in on the action

Then we were done.


I am off to the gym to get in a good sweaty session, then back here for a relaxing Sunday evening with the manfriend.