Today is Protein Day!

Today is Protein Day! But before I divulge into my eats, lemme just tell ya about my gym fail that turned into a gym win.

SO. I check the Y schedule I keep on the fridge and I see that Muscle Blast class is at 10:45. Ok, I tell myself. Let me get ready and be there at 10:15 so I can get a spot and warm up. Easy enough. I make small talk with my new favorite person at the Y, Allison, and I ask to sign up for the class. “What?” she says, “That class is on Wednesday.” “Um, yeah that’s why I am here” I reply. “Dude, it’s Tuesday.” OY!

Not only did I flop on the day/class, but I also forgot my iPod. There was no way I was going to get in a good, no GREAT, workout without my hoodlum music (with brief spurts of boy band-um). I dragged my feet upstairs, and well….I just GOT AFTER IT. I wont go into super detail, but you’ll get the gist of my workout…

It’s Tabata Time! (A tabata is work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat 8 times through)

  • 2 cardio Tabatas (one bench up/down, one jumping jacks)
  • Bicep Tabata (bicep curls)
  • Tricep Tabata (tricep extensions and kickbacks)
  • 2 cardio tabatas (plank jacks and bench heel taps)
  • shoulder tabata (side raise, front raise)
  • back tabata (reverse fly, overhead extensions)
  • 2 cardio tabatas (mountain climbers, high knees)
  • lunge tabata (4 sets of forward lunges holding weight/barbell, 4 reverse)
  • squat tabata (4 regular squats with weight/barbell, 4 pliet)
  • 2 cardio tabatas (jump rope, alternating front kicks)
  • 2 ab tabatas (russian twists, plank)

stretch. YOU’RE DONE! It took about 1 hr 15 min to complete. YAY!

I came home and my body was a screamin’ demon for protein. SO, I scrounged up what I could find in the fridge and threw together this ugly-*ss bowl of food:

That is black beans, the rest of the leftover quinoa, egg whites and mushrooms. Gross, but filling and delicious.

Then, as if I didn’t just get enough protein, I had more of yesterday’s blob topped with Liberte greek yogurt (I party fouled yesterday and said Chobani. I love the Chobs, but they don’t sell it in Calgary. They do, however, have Liberte, and it’s just as good…if not better.)

My belly satisfied, Layla and I went for a walk. Or rather, she found every patch of snow she could find and rolled in it.

She managed to really get after it while we were right in front of an elementary school and all the moms were sitting in their respective shiny SUVs waiting for their brats to come out. They all watched as if they had never seen a dog act like a dog before. I’m sure it will make at least one dinner table conversation. I’m hoping.

It was super blustery (aw that word makes me want to watch Winnie the Pooh) so we cut our walk short and headed back to the ranch.

Also, might I mention: The neighborhoods here have back alleys where the trash bins are collected and such. I have never seen a layout like this before. Needless to say, Layla and I have taken a lot of wrong turns on to these barrel-lined streets. And I was beginning to wonder why it smelled…

Taco Tuesday, so I’ve gotta go get the fixings!

What do you guys have planned for dinner?

3 thoughts on “Today is Protein Day!

  1. Love this! We’re doing black beans, ground turkey, cucumber with a home made tzatziki sauce from non fat plain greek yogurt wrapped in lettuce…. with a side (aka a humungous plate) of “gross” veggies haha

    – Gabby

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