Week in Photos

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I’m typing this on Sunday night and HOLY SH*T have I been a stress ball all day. Way too many factors have been giving me anxiety and I was just busting at the seams all day. Thank goodness I’m now sitting down and taking a peak at some of the photos I got of my handsome little dude throughout the week..

Monday: I got Wes dressed rather proper for the day. We didn’t have anything special on the agenda other than the gym and running some errands, but it sure as heck cheered me up…as well as some people we saw along the way.


(Bow tie from Will & Co)





I had to work on Monday night (ewwwwwww), but managed to make a delicious batch of homemade mac and cheese before I was off. It was freaking delicious. Freaking.


Tuesday: Again, nothing major. Went to the gym (for my mock interview), we hung around the house for the day, then I went back to the gym that night for a 10/10/10 class.


It snowed as we were leaving the house in the morning, so we hung out in the front yard for a few extra minutes so Wes could ‘play.’


(Scarf by Wild Roots & Co)



We built a chair fort in the living room and Wes discovered candy. And so it begins..


Wednesday: Wes and I ran errands to get a few little things to decorate the house with. I actually got dressed and rocked my twinning scarf that Wes also has! I get that the point is to wear them at the same time, but I march to the beat of a different drum. But seriously, check out Jordana’s shop– she’s slowly coming out with more and more items that she makes herself and they are fantastic quality.

I rounded out the day with a Hot Barre class and came home to start studying for my Fitness Instructor exam.


Thursday: I can’t remember anything other than going to the circuit bootcamp in the morning then meeting up with Susie downtown at Trolley 5 for some good ol’ conversation and beer. The conversation: GREAT. The beer: ALSO GREAT. (The ribs….not so much, but beer wins in my books!)


Friday: Took a tabata class in the AM then hung out with my man before work. A shift that was entirely sucky if I might add. I serve at a brewpub and only made $14. ARGH

This guy wore his crown all day and even jumped in his bouncy castle with it! #king



^ his face when I tell him to ‘cheese’






Saturday: I went into town to get my teeth cleaned and ran a few errands before heading back home to hang out before work. My kid is already double fisting, so it’s true that they do imitate everything you do. HA


PS: As much as I’m trying to decorate with nice pieces, my house will never look nice. There are too many toys and dogs and not enough hands or hours in the day to give a flying f&#$.

I was only at work for a few hours and managed to have a significantly better night than Friday, so that put me in a better mood.


Sunday: Didn’t consist of much. I spent most of the morning studying (and ripping my freaking hair out because of how annoying and in-depth the material is. Did I mention that I NEVER want to have to take a test for anything ever again in my life?!!! It is no fun. Zero.) Then it was time to head over to Oranj (my current gym) to have a private group class with some of the girls from the blog squad…more info and pics on that to come later this week!

And that’s just some of the goodies from the week. Chat soon!



Brewsing 9/29/16

Well surprise surprise…I’ve got more beer to share with you. Last Friday, I went to Oktoberfest and enjoyed samples from several Alberta breweries. It’s great that so many stands at the fest were local, but a bit of a bummer … Continue reading

Brewsing 9/22/16

So here I am, checking in with some of the beers we’ve recently tried. It’s so hard to go back and remember ALL of them, so this will be some highlights. Going forward, I’ll make sure to be on top of my game 😉 Of course, you could also follow me on Untappd and check out my latest drinks, ratings, and check-ins!


^Ribstone Creek Great White Combine. This is my hands down FAVORITE white IPA. It is so delicious and a great beer to have with or without food. Ugh, now I want one- it’s that tasty! If you’re not an IPA person (and I’m not, although I’m trying to get into them) this is a great place to start.


^Banded Peak Cherry Saison & Chinook Saison. This is a rather new brewery that I actually checked out when they first opened (you can read about it here). I was excited to head back to their brewery to test out the cherry saison but was bummed to find that the cherry is more of a coloring in the brew rather than in flavor. I could be wrong, but even my husband had a hard time detecting it. I will still support them because they’re new and local, but still not my favorite saisons.


^Trolley 5 tasting flight. I have stopped in to Trolley 5 a few times now for a quick drink and am still dying to actually stay for the food. But their beer is some of my new local favorite and the atmosphere is pretty great, too. I think for this flight I had a mix of all of their main stays. The white IPA is very tasty, the pale ale is nice and light, and surprisingly the porter is a very easy drinker. *I highly recommend checking this place out!


^Wood Buffalo Blueberry Vanilla Ale (at National Westhills) I originally tasted this at a beer fest a few years back and couldn’t find it since. I was excited to see it on the menu when we went to National a few weeks ago and it was just as good as I remembered. Perfect patio beer although I would still totally drink this in the winter.


^Cold Garden One Summer in Saskatoon Saison. This was a special seasonal brew that I tasted at the 100L dash at Craft and it was absolutely delicious. The perfect saison with a subtle hint of berries. In fact, it was so nice I had it twice. Cold Garden has started to pop in in various establishments around the city and I am still eagerly awaiting their tap house to open! Check out their website for a list of the fun beers they offer!


^Blindman Brewing Saison Lacombe Été, Ribstone Creek Great White Combine (as mentioned above), Gigantic Vivid Imperial IPA, Nickel Brook Raspberry Uber, and Troubled Monk American Brown Ale.

Thoughts on these: Get your hands on the Blindman Saison if you can. It’s one of the best ‘basic’ saisons I’ve had. The Gigantic IPA was a bit much for me since it’s an Imperial IPA; the Raspberry Uber was a recommendation by the sales associate where I bought it and it was the bomb dot com. Apparently it’s an award winner and has a nice sour taste with a strong raspberry flavor. Best part? No lingering aftertaste! Plus, it’s a low alcohol beer. So to the ladies who don’t like beer: get this one. Lastly, the Troubled Monk was a great brown ale. It was slow for us to get through since we’re not really brown ale people, but it had the most delicious chocolate/coffee aroma that kept me coming back.


^Sierra Nevada Otra Vez–> It was a pretty penny to get a six pack of these here in Canada, but so worth it. It’s a perfect summer beer that is super light and thirst quenching. Plus, it has the unique prickly pear cactus/grapefruit flavor. Try it, it’s worth the $$.



^ Russell Kettle Sour/Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale. The kettle sour was pretty tasty- a nice, basic sour if you’ve never had one. Aka: no funky flavors. The pumpkin ale was SO tasty. Well, *I* loved it and Tyler hated it. I was sipping on it while snacking on an apple w/peanut butter so the flavors might have been altered a bit. At least it worked in my favor!


^Stone Cali-Belgique IPA. Another post-shift beer with my nighttime snack. This one was a whim purchase and I’m super happy about it. There is a definite sweeter IPA flavor with a bubblegum aftertaste. I loved how light (for an IPA) this tasted and was shocked that it was 6.9%! This is another IPA I’d recommend if you’re trying to ease into IPAs. But again, it’s pricier for us Canadians. Totally worth it.


Clown Shoes Clementine White Ale. I love white ales, and this one fit the bill. It was a very easy drinker with a dynamic flavor of clementine, orange peel and coriander. Plus, it’s from Ipswich MA so…winning!


^Blindman Session Ale. This is just your basic everyday drinking beer. Nothing too special about it in the flavor department.


Bowen Island Freestone Summer Ale, Dandy Ales Grisette, Big Rock Hollow Tree Red Ale, Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose.

The summer ale was pretty tasty- it definitely EXPLODED with stone fruit and peach flavors. So don’t get it unless you LOVE stone fruit. I crushed one of these so fast, I almost felt like I just had a healthy snack. The Grisette is a low alcohol easy drinker- so another I’d recommend to non-beer drinkers. Very tasty!

Tyler picked up the red ale and I was just meh about it. I am not a red ale person and this one was just a bit too aggressive for me to enjoy. Lastly, the Gose. A briney melon goes at that! So flipping delicious that I want one everyday. Go get it. But leave some for me. Or send me some. Thanks.

The sad part of this story is that there are a TON of beers that I didn’t include in this post. I’ll save those for a later day. You know, to keep you coming back.

So that’s all for now! Tell me what brews you’ve tried recently..

Five on Friday

Oh hey there, Internet. I thought I’d check in real quick and give you a little one-sided chat before starting the day. So yes, I’m sitting on Wes’s playmat in the barely-breaking morning light without yet having made coffee and typing this up. I must be insane.

So still not too much to chat about here- summer months are just full of outdoor time and soaking up the good weather that it’s hard to sit at a computer and word vomit about it. Or maybe that’s just me. I can’t even remember what I’ve shared with you last, and I’m not about to look back, so here are some things of interest:

  1. Tyler and I have been enjoying lots of craft beer (per usual).

Lunch at National, Growlers from Banded Peak, Brewfoot Blueberry Ale, Tasting flight at Big Rock after Brewga, Tasting flight at Trolley 5

2. In an attempt to make a healthy dessert, I whipped up a batch of Flourless Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies. They were so tasty, but in no way come close to chocolate chip cookies. Or anything unhealthy (and DELICIOUS) for that matter. I would definitely make them again though.


3. Wes has been an exploring fiend and I love it. Well, most of the time I love it.

His Oxfords are from VI&JAX and they are the cutest, hipster-est little shoes ever. I love them.

4. I switched from my usual morning waffles to morning smoothie bowls and I just can’t get enough of them! My favorite combo as of late is: frozen cherries, cocoa, pb, spinach, greek yogurt, maple syrup, vanilla, almond milk. Topped with chia seeds and whatever other fun crunchy things I have around.


5. This view: