Weekend Recap


As usual, pancakes on Friday! Love them SO much- except I do miss my real Canadian maple syrup back home 🙂 In case you’re wondering, the recipe is SO simple: 3/4 c quick oats, 3/4 c greek yogurt, 2 egg whites. (I add a bit of almond milk to thin out the batter since the consistency from my mom’s blender is a bit more grainy.)

photo 1-96

I noticed in the local paper that there is a new baby boutique downtown, so my mom and I went to go check it out. Unfortunately, I don’t think the shop will last long- she had barely any inventory and it was extremely expensive for the area. There was one little fleece coat there that was adorable, but I wasn’t about to pay $52 for it!

We walked around for a bit longer and stopped in another shop where I saw they had Hunter boots- and they had my size!!! (11). My mom convinced me to buy them since there was a sign that said 40% off- which I could still justify given the current exchange rate. Apparently it was NOT my lucky day, because they were improperly marked and were full price. UGH. I’m really hoping Tyler reads this and sees that I want a pair of ORIGINAL TALL BLACK HUNTER BOOTS. SIZE 11.

Tyler- are you reading this? Please be reading this. I really want those boots.

To make up for all the bad shopping, we stopped in to Rock Hill Bakehouse for lunch. I’m mad at myself for being home this long and waiting until the end of my trip to order my favorite sandwich, the Granny Smith. It has roasted turkey, sliced granny apple, sharp cheddar and curried mayo on toasted raisin bread. Mmmmmm

photo 2-92

photo 3-67

I’m the biggest idiot in the world and had a bit of ice-cream when we got home. <–That part isn’t me being an idiot, but working out less than 10 minutes after eating the ice cream is. I just about barfed. I was literally sweating Ben and Jerry’s out of my face.

photo 4-43

Dinner was pretty f*ing good too. My dad made homemade balls and sauce which I paired with a THICK slice of Villas bread. OMG I love Villas bread- it’s so thick and well, bread tasting. I used to eat entire loaves of this stuff in high school. You know, back when metabolisms were great.

photo 1-97

photo 2-93

photo 4-44

photo 5-26

News alert: I opened that beer and drank a whopping 3 sips of it. I think I’m losing my pumpkin beer mojo??! I’m not liking any of the ones I bought!

Wes INHALED some cereal, green beans and pears. The boy loves his food!

photo 3-68

Before bed, I decided to whip together a coffee cake. I’ve been craving one lately and secretly hoping my mom would put it together. Instead, she gave Wes a bath and a bottle while I got to work in the kitchen. Totally fine by me.

photo 1-98

photo 2-94

photo 3-69

So basically, Friday was a day revolving around food. Actually, that’s most days.


Ugh. Wes is really liking this whole wake-up-at-5AM thing. I’m not liking it at all. Especially these last few days- I have been feeling a bit under the weather. WOMP. The good news is, he falls asleep right after eating, so I can get back to bed for a bit longer as well.

Even though I was feeling crappy, I made breakfast (BAE- bacon and eggs) for all of us AND cut into the delicious loaf I made last night.

photo 1-99

I could have eaten the entire thing.

My dad took Wes for a walk while I napped (very important!) ad my mom and I eventually got out the door for a girls outing (+ Wes). We wanted to drive out to Salem, NY for a couple of different fall fests. Funny story: We drove to Salem, drove through Salem, then drove home. At least the view was scenic and Wes got in another long nap! Fun fact: There are more cows in Salem than people.

photo 2-95

photo 3-70

photo 4-45

PS: I took this photo while getting ready this morning..I am too lazy/frugal to buy new pjs, so I’ve been rubber banding my existing ones. I’m convinced I’ll fill them out again soon, so I’m not about to spend more money on smaller ones!


We had dinner reservation sat my favorite local restaurant, Bistro LeRoux . I can’t say enough good things about this place- the service is so friendly, the food is AMAZING and the atmosphere is nice and cozy for a delicious evening out of the house.

I stuck with my all time favorite: the Mascarpone Stuffed Poached Pear Salad. It comes with candied walnuts, cherries, mascarpone cheese and spinach with a vanilla fig vinaigrette. I added filet to mine to make it a heartier meal and it didn’t disappoint in the least.

And of course we had a bottle of wine for the table.

And of course we split warm apple pie for dessert.

And of course I multi-tasked and fed Wes once he woke up.

Of course.

photo 1-100

photo 2-96

photo 3-71

photo 4-46

photo 5-27

I hate to say it, but this trip is coming to an end with both Wes and I having colds. UGH. Which made sleep on Saturday night pretty much non-existant (for me). The poor boy just had a bit of a hard time getting to sleep, but stayed down for a solid 10 hours. Lucky.


Well, I couldn’t sleep worth a crap. I ended up watching My Best Friends Wedding and sobbed like a baby. Also, ummm now that I’m watching it, Kimmy (Cameron Diaz’s character) is only 20 and in college and Julia Roberts is supposed to only be 27. HOWWWWWW did they all get such great jobs? I would DIE..strike that…KILL to be 27 and be a food critic. Or a sports writer. Stupid rom coms.

I then got super desperate and watched Drive Me Crazy (which drives me crazy.) At least it did the trick and I fell asleep.

Despite the yucky feelings, Mr. Wes woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. (Me, on the other hand…WOOF).

photo 1-101

My dad took Wes for a long walk in the morning so I was able to squeeze in my workout. Having a sniffly nose + cardio do NOT mix, but I powered through it and felt about .5 billionty times better.

In the afternoon, we ventured back over to the mall because I wanted to see if I could find any good deals on clothes for myself. I wound up getting 2 shirts and a sweater which I think will fit into my upcoming fall/winter/spring lifestyle. PS: I dread going back to work to wear more put together outfits. Barf.

I also picked up another box of Quest bars and managed to work a single pumpkin pie bar into my purchase. This is just about the only pumpkin thing I’ve succumbed to this fall. Well, besides the beer but that was an EPIC fail this year and more than 75% of it went down the drain.

photo 2-97

The weather in the late afternoon was so nice, I decided to take Wes for another walk. The fresh air did us both good and I am so dreading going back home to colder, non-walkable weather.

photo 3-72

I made myself a stuffed sweet potato for dinner and absolutely inhaled it. For some reason, the ‘sweet potatoes’ I find in Calgary come nothing close to these in taste, so it was an especially nice treat to have a ‘tater I really loved.

And I bought a case of LaCroix at Target today too. Guess how many are left? None. I’ve already polished them off. Is that gross?? I guess there could be worse habits to have. Like heroin.

 photo 4-47

To wrap up things nicely, my mom made a wacky cake for dessert. I would have taken a picture of it but we ate it and it’s (mostly) gone already. CAKE FOR THE WIN!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday W’s

What I ate:
My parents and I returned to Rock Hill Bakehouse for a late lunch. I guess since its my last full day in New York I can tolerate both lunch and dinner with them today (oh and I can’t wait to tell you about dinner, even though we haven’t even had it yet!!) Anyways, this Bakehouse always has such delicious daily specials

I opted for the salad special- with a cup of the vegan split pea soup. Bother we’re so delicious and I am now incredibly full and burping raw onions.



Chose the hotels for our wedding. One of them wanted us to block 30 rooms! I was all ‘helllllls no.’ I talked to the curator of the property where we are having the ceremony/reception and she recommended 2 particular hotels that offer a free shuttle and great discounted rates since they often get wedding guests from their particular property. Doesn’t hurt that both are within about a mile of the location as well!

I was wandering the house as I was speaking to various hotels on the phone and I came across this little gem:

That would be me when I was about 3 years old. The daughter of friends of my parents was getting married in Beverly Hills and I just so happened to be an adorable blonde-haired little girl that they knew! Lucky me. My resources mom tells me the guy she married (who I was totally afraid of because he was so muscle-y) owns a ton of Gold’s Gyms throughout Southern California now. Had I not recently moved to Canada, I would so be on the phone with him inquiring about personal training jobs. Could you imagine? Training rich, tan people in California? Ugh. I can’t think of it because its making me mad jealous.

Oh yes, this is a great workout. I don’t know why, knock on wood, but lately I have been in love with my workouts. This is partly because of Best Body Bootcamp, part because of the new home equipment I have acquired over the past few months, and part because of my mentality towards each workout.

For the strength portion of today’s workout, I slightly modified some moves from BBB. The idea for the circuit was to run the clock for 15 minutes and get as many rounds of 3 exercises in as you can. I don’t want to give away the moves (it wouldn’t be fair to all the hard work Tina does with the program. If you’re interested though, click the link above to find out when you can sign up for the next round!) but the 3 exercises in each round focused on lower body and chest/shoulders. After completing the first round, I danced around to loosen up for a few minutes, the got right into round 2 for another 15 minutes of 3 different exercises.

The schedule also planned for some cardio intervals. I haven’t really been loving the gym here for my cardio workouts, and I have exhausted the option of using my parent’s treadmill everyday, so I changed this to my own AWESOME cardio bit:

You see that? I did Tabatas! (Tabatas are 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.) In the above picture, I alternated between two moves for each tabata. I also hopped on the treadmill for a quick 1/4 mile run before getting into the next tabata. All these, combined with the strength circuits really kicked my tush. And I loved it.

Edited to note: I actually subbed the 1/4 mi sprints with 10 stair runs between each tabata set. More sweat, more work! That’s what happens when you post about your workout before you actually do it! Never again, Jen. Never again.

And now, I leave you with Weird:

Stuffed rhino head

My 4th grade self.

Question: What exercises do you currently have on heavy rotation in your workouts?

Fitness Friends Weekend!

Well hello there.

The weekend is winding down, so I thought I’d sit and push through a post via my iPad. Since the last time I checked in, my Boston gym friends Athena and Ashley drive out to stay with me for the weekend. I had so much fun. And I think they did too. I seriously just really loved having a healthy dose of girl time- filled with good food, drinks, a workout, and fitness talk (my secret favorite indulgence).

Once they arrived Friday afternoon, we headed over to Davidson’s for some food and drinks. We split nachos and I had a bison burger (I keep wanting to ‘moo’ when I say Burger, but since it’s a bison..I’m a little lost as to what noise to make. Ok wait, I just googled it- YUP I’m making this noise and this face every time I say Bison. From now on.)




Saturday, we went to the gym. Obviously! I didn’t take any pictures, so…..sorry. But Athena did and she will probably post them on her blog soon! We chose to do 2 ROUNDS of the deck of cards workout. For the first round, we designated the following:

Diamonds: push-ups
Clubs: burpees
Spades: reverse crunches
Hearts: weighted squats

I shuffled the deck, then got to flipping. For each card, we would do that number of reps for the designated suit. 10 reps for Jacks, Queens, and Kings; 11 reps for Aces. (If you do the math, that’s 94 total reps for EACH move.) 52 cards later- we were only halfway through our workout.

After a quick break, we broke into round 2. For that, we switched the exercises:

Diamonds: tricep dips
Hearts: kettle bell swings
Clubs: jump pliés
Spades: V-ups

We were sweaty. We were shaking. We were tired. we were happy to be done. Phew!

Sidenote: just the day before- Friday, before the girls came- I had done Workout C for this phase of Best Body Bootcamp. It was an endurance strength workout which had us doing super sets of exercises repeatedly until we reached 100 reps for each- then we would move onto the next superset. It included weighted squats, lunges and push-ups (among several other exercises), so I was already feeling the burn by the time we did our two deck of card workouts!

Late lunch was at Rock Hill Bakehouse. One of my favorite lunch places to hit up when I am back home. Vegetarian black bean chili and a spinach salad.


Last night, we had my parents drive us down to Saratoga. (Responsible adults, since we knew we would be drinking!!) We stopped into Cantina. There were a few rounds if Pomegranate margaritas first…..then dinner. and another round.




And the only photo I got of the three of us:


We managed to stay there for a bit, but did go to another bar were I had two of the best beers ever.



After the girls left today, I managed to have a nice salad plate topped with eggs, some melon, AND-although being incredibly sore from yesterday’s workout- I used my ‘off’ day from workouts as an active rest day and walked 4.5 miles on the treadmill.





That’s all I have for now! I wrote this entire post with the towel still on my head, so on top of nearly my entire body being sore, my neck is as well!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Question: have you ever done the deck of cards workout? If so, what exercises did you do?