Snow and Soap

Guys, I’ve already whipped out the winter bathrobe and I’ve been wearing it around the house LIKE A CHAMP. Guess what else I had to get out tonight? All my winter clothes. WOMP

Photo on 2014-09-08 at 9.48 PM

Why? Because it’s freaking snowing here and I can’t even stand it.


It’s probably up to about 7 inches on the patio now. We’re almost to the point where we have to put a flag on the beagle so we don’t lose him in the backyard.

Guess what? I’ve watched all the NFL games so far this season! Aren’t I the best wife?! Ok, so I napped in and out of Sunday, whatever. Tyler also dragged out the lazy boy for me to recline and watch the games. I’m so spoiled.  Go blue team! (joke)

Funny story: Tyler and I took the pups for a walk together the other day and we were noticing quite a few different smells. First, it was barbecue, then apple pie, yadda yadda, then I go: “Oof, now it smells like skunk” and Tyler goes “Yeah, it’s weed” And about 5 minutes later I go “OOOH.. Like the DRUG?!!” See, I’m stupid. But I laughed about it a lot when we got home.

I hate the elliptical.

I scrubbed the bath mat this weekend. THOSE THINGS ARE GROSS. And yes, that requires all caps because um…..go pull up the mat in your tub and find out.

I then left said mat out on the patio railing to dry in the 80 degree heat we had yesterday. It’s currently frozen under a foot of snow.

My latest favorite thing in the world: All the Rocky Mountain Soap Company soaps. I just recently picked up a bar of Minty Tea Tree and Cinnamon. I also got the Bamboo scrub because it’s like…heaven.



That’s all I have for tonight, see ya later!

Weekly Workouts and Such

You know what I haven’t done in a while? Post about my workouts. So…let’s see what I’ve been up to in the fitness department lately..


  • Sunday (2/24): 40 minutes of spin followed by lower body work
  • Monday (2/25): Workout A from BBB followed by 30 minutes of spin
  • Tuesday (2/26): Intervals run for 50 minutes
  • Wednesday (2/27): TRX/cardio circuit workout at home
  • Thursday (2/28): 30 minutes spin and 10 minutes row
  • Friday (3/1): Upper body/core circuits and 30 minute run
  • Saturday (3/2): Active rest day! Walk all over the Home & Garden Expo then throughout downtown Calgary

It was the last week of Best Body Bootcamp, but for some reason, I wasn’t really into it last week. But I did make sure to incorporate a big enough mix of strength and cardio through a variety of ways (machines, body weight, intervals, steady state, etc.)

On tap for this week…

  • Sunday (3/3): Full Body Circuits and 30 minutes spin
  • Monday (3/4): Lower Body & Core Circuit and 30 minute run
  • Tuesday (3/5): Deck of Cards workout and 10-10-10 cardio
  • Wednesday (3/6): TRX circuits and 40 minutes spin
  • Thursday (3/7): 50 minute run
  • Friday (3/8): Upper Body Circuits, 10-10-10 cardio
  • Saturday (3/9): Active Rest or an old BBB workout

In other news, here are some foods that I’ve made/ate lately (recipes may have been altered based on either what I already had on hand or modified to make slightly healthier)

Southwest Chicken Chop Salad



Slutty Brownies (I subbed mini marshmallows for the Oreos)



Clean(er) Butter Chicken



Not-so-Green Smoothie



  • Spinach
  • Almond Milk
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Ice

Apple-Brie Burger from James Joyce (Minus the bun)



And for the sake of rounding out this post with some pictures of my dog…here ya go. 

…Playing in the foot of snow that was dumped on us yesterday






Hello! I love everybody!

I am a bad blogger because I haven’t published anything in almost a week. That is not acceptable! But I have some excuses if you’d like to hear them.

  • I am sick
  • It’s midterm week
  • SNOW

I don’t know if they’re legitimate excuses, but I am using them.

Hmmm…so since I have been stuck inside blowing snot out of my face and doing homework, what do I have to talk about???

1. Best Body Bootcamp started yesterday!

If you’ve never heard of this before, I definitely think you should check it out and register for the next round! Anyways, it’s an 8 week program for only $25. Cannot beat that. Tina sends you 4 phases of workouts (each are 2 weeks) that incorporate strength and cardio.

“But Jen, you’re a fitness instructor and personal trainer, why are you TAKING a class?”

“Because, my little internet friends, it is awesome to have someone plan a fitness regime for you. And it refreshes my workouts, and gives me inspiration to incorporate the different exercises and concepts to the classes I teach. Again, cannot beat that!”

Yesterday’s workout was 20 minutes of cardio intervals that alternated between 60 second and 30 second recovery periods. I did the strength portion at home because I had all the equipment. Then when I finally decided to chip the large ice cube that had formed around my car, I got to the gym for the cardio- which I probably shouldn’t have done while sick. I was doing my 8-8.5mph sprints in such a fog, that I don’t remember thinking of anything but bed.

I’m sore today, so it was worth it.

Today’s workout will have to be modified since I am teaching TRX. I’ll probably skip the strength portion for another day but still get the cardio done (assuming I can breathe, I heard that’s important).

2. Midterms this week. This is all I have to say about that:


3. There is a lot of snow outside.


And I lost my winter coat this weekend. It is my belief that all coat-checkers be certified (you know how elevators have inspection stickers, and restaurants have certifications, and hair stylists have their permits? Yeah, coat-checkers should have the same) I handed mine to an imposter and BAM my $220 coat was gone. So sad.

Because I am super cheap, I spent most of the day yesterday online trying to find a WARM coat for a good deal. After much hoopla, the best thing was to have my parents get one for me in NY and mail it here. Therefore, I can’t go outside until the FedEx guy shows up Thursday. (Ok, I do have a wool coat and a puffy parka, but the wool coat is fancy schmancy and the parka is for poopy dog walks only)

4. My bestie, Kysha, sent me an invite to Zulily since they had some coats on sale there. (THANKS!!!) I got sidetracked and looked through Zulily (it even allowed me to ‘shop internationally’, so Canadians out there, you can shop on Zulily, too!) and there are so many awesome deals. Click here to check it out, sign up, and SHOP SHOP SHOP till ya DROP DROP DROP! (or if you lose a coat, like I did)

5. I roasted my first acorn squash last night and it came out perfectly. I suck at using sharp objects in the kitchen, so I took a butcher knife and a hammer to that sucker and got the job done. I sprinkled each half with melted butter, brown sugar, and maple syrup and baked at 400 degrees for just over an hour.

I also tried my hand at Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf. It was alright, but not good enough for me to post the recipe. We also had asparagus. Um, there is a reason I don’t buy asparagus here.

  • it’s THICK (twss)
  • You end up breaking off almost half the stalk, so it’s wasteful

6. My latest Pinterest obsession has been wedding flowers. I need to make a decision so I can figure out what some of the other decorations I might want. This one caught my eye for color purposes only


That’s the extent of my wedding posting for now.

7. If the stupid Lions didn’t F up the game last night, I would have won this week’s football poll. I can’t even be mad at Jay Cutler for that one.

I’ll leave you with yet another picture of my four-legged companion:

Winter is here and I hate pants

Yesterday morning was terrible. Terrible in the sense that I was reminded of WINTER.






Layla loved it though. She was stretching in it, and plowing her nose in it. And basically wouldn’t leave the front patio for about an hour. I, meanwhile, was wrapped in blankets and guzzling coffee and sitting in front of one of the vents all morning trying to keep warm.

I finally got my ish together and had a phone conference with one of my professors. I couldn’t help but picture this lady from Go On.




The one on the far right. She is who I think my prof looks like. And now I can’t get it out of my head.

Looks like Friday night tacos might have to be changed to fajitas because of the dang beef recall. As if beef here wasn’t expensive enough.

I taught the first session of my new class last night (FYI Calgarians: I am now teaching TRX on Tuesdays at 5:30pm and HEAT on Wednesdays at 5:15pm at the Eau Claire YMCA). I had a pretty good turn out, considering the class wasn’t advertised. And I am not allowed to play my own music. (it’s about some stupid law that the Y has to own the music that is played on premise, blah blah blah) I tried to keep this first class pretty basic because I wanted to assess the fitness level of my participants, and it seems like I might be able to play around with my format a bit. I know I got  great workout, and the mile or so walk back to my car was a nice stretch. And beautiful, might I add.



And now I must cut my rant short because I have just decided to hit up the mall and buy pants. Yup, the thing that I hate most in life. P-A-N-T-S. I hate buying them, I hate wearing them, I hate the idea of them. But the pants I managed to bring to Calgary with me no longer fit and it’s starting to get a tid bit nipply out, so I think I must grin and bear the torture.

Don’t forget to “Like” my facebook page by Oct 12 to be automatically be entered to win a prize! (It’s a good one. Plus, getting mail is always fun. Unless Tyler randomly wins, in which case, I’ll just throw it on his side of the bed or something.)

It snowed

Hi there, hi there!

I may be a little absent over the next few days- I have a YMCA certification course that runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30-5.


Why, you ask? Because it’s gonna get me one step closer to being able to get back into teaching group fitness and personal training! I got all the certs in the states, but once I moved, it’s like they don’t exist and I have to start all over again from square one. (wah wuh).

I may check in at the end of each day and recap things I’ve learned (if they’re interesting…).

A couple quick pics from the rest of the day:

after lunch snack of a toasted English muffin with almond butter and apple cranberry butter and a half banana

dinner: salad with 2 pieces of pizza

As soon as Layla and I got back from our walk, it snowed. And snowed. This pic is taken from inside the front balcony at 8:30pm. PEE-EM people. It’s light out there!

K I’m off to bed.. Tomorrow is almost going to be like a real work day… Except I get to wear stretchy pants. And I’ll have fun. OooOo burn.