Friday Facts

Happy Friday everyone! Man..only one week until Christmas! I am way too excited to have our first Christmas with Wes. And have cinnamon buns for breakfast. And presents. Here’s some stuff from the week…

  1. Tyler made an Irish Cream Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake and it is SO GOOD. I’m not a cheesecake person, but I have been anxiously waiting for Wes’s afternoon nap each day this week so that I can sit in quiet and enjoy a piece.

2. I won a giveaway on Instagram which consisted of a pack of mulling spices. They were dropped off at my house today, and I can’t wait to put them to use! (I tried to track it back on Instagram and it seems the photo was taken down? Womp.)

3. I met up with Susie on Tuesday night for dinner at Wurst. It was VERY important that we got the giant pretzel, but also had salads to round out the meal. Since we got the check by 7:30, we decided to head over to Proof to have fancy cocktails. They were ok, but not really worth the $14 price tag. I was home and in bed by 10pm. WINNING. I wore my new blanket scarf that had just came in the mail that day. (Ps: I ordered it from a credit I had on Zulily).




4. Of course I have to include some pictures of Wes in here. He had his first bath in the big tub this week and started using the spoon to feed himself! (most gets flung, but at least it’s progress!) Oh, and I posted his 8 month update this week too.




I must’ve stared at this bath photo for a good 15 minutes before dozing off last night 😉

5. We have SO many presents under our tree right now. And it’s not even everything. Plus Santa still has to come. I have a feeling a certain little boy is going to get spoiled this Christmas…


6. Don’t forget to check out MintedLane! The coupon code is only good until Sunday and you won’t want to miss out!!


7. Best meal we had this week- Cashew Chicken Quinoa Bake.

8. I’ve successfully gone all week without the TV on during the day. To be honest, I could have gone without it in the evenings as well, but Tyler turns it on for us to watch a couple of game shows before bed. Only thing I’ve watched has been some random Christmas stuff on Netflix at night, one of which was A Moody Christmas (I think it’s only on Canadian Netflix and not the American one..sorry!) Super funny.


That’s all from this end! We have lots to look forward to for the weekend, so I’ll be back on Monday to hopefully share some fun stuff!

This post has a little bit of everything.

I’ve been up since 4am. Involuntarily.

I thought I’d be able to sleep in a bit since I had a LONG day yesterday. Here’s what my Sunday looked like:

  • 6 am wakeup when dog started fidgeting and crying. Butt problems again, you know how it is. And obviously it would be a Sunday because that’s the one day my vet is closed so of course I had to go to the ER clinic and spend even more money on a routine procedure.


I’m sick of spending money on a routine anal expression, so I had the vet teach me how to do it. Luckily, my dog is totally comfortable with fingers up her butt because I REALLY practiced. 

  • Baked these brownies. I honestly had a little too much fun making them. And that’s probably why the scale registered a slightly higher number this morning.


  • Put Christmas away. 😦
  • Ran 32 minutes of intervals at the gym (didn’t want to do strength because TODAY is the first day of Best Body Bootcamp! And now that it’s Monday, I can tell you that I already did the day 1 workout. They consisted of pretty easy moves, except they were slow and controlled rep counts. I’ll let you know how THAT feels tomorrow). Oh, and the dog joined in on every move.



  • Made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner. Best part: it was on a Whole Wheat Farmers Loaf from Cobs Bread. Yummo.


  • And then I did a ton of other boring little things that don’t deserve a bullet point. The end.

Did you see my post from yesterday though about the special Pv.Body 30 Day challenge? You should check it out. *I* can save *you* 20% on awesome fitness gear. *You* with then thank *me*. Plus, if you sign up, you can join the challenge and win some sweet prizes.

Did you watch the premiere of Buck Wild last week? Because I did. What did I take away from that show? A ‘Holler’ is a place where you can holler to any and all of your neighbors and they’ll hear you. (a little red-necky if you ask me) Also, this song- LOVE IT.

I have also taken to this song as of late:

I always try to sound like her when I sing it. In my head, I’m spot on. In other people’s heads, I sound like a chicken.

Did you know that my wedding in is 6 months from yesterday? Also, my birthday is in 6 months from today. TO RECAP: The first week in July will be EPIC. My favorite holiday (4th of July, my wedding, AND my birthday within four days. Excitement cannot be contained.) 

Did you also know that I’m going back to the States this Sunday?




So far, my dance card is pretty empty, so get your requests in if you want to be graced by my presence (assuming I somewhat know you and you are in the Upstate NY area. I’m talking to you, silent high school classmate readers. Actually no, not you. But you will find my mother and I sitting at the bar at the 99 in the mall at some point in the next two weeks. Or me at the Y. One of the two.)

If you just did some math from the above paragraph, you will have concluded that today is my half birthday. Woo hoo 26.5!

I have decided to drive out to Banff on Wednesday. I will be on the lookout for bears, wolves, and moose. I might also buy some fudge, Lululemon, and a Canada sweatshirt while I’m there. (Haha, I totally just typo-ed it to read sweatshit)




Looking for a new deal site to add to your daily email? Honest to God, Rue LaLa is like my favorite site for deals- they have EVERYTHING. Sorry, Canada, they don’t deliver to you, so I suggest to chum up to an American friend or you set up a PO Box in your closest American town. Check that site out, yo.

Or you can check out Zulily. They ship to Canada. Pretty sweet.

Tell me something you did yesterday. Or Today. Or will do this week.

Hello! I love everybody!

I am a bad blogger because I haven’t published anything in almost a week. That is not acceptable! But I have some excuses if you’d like to hear them.

  • I am sick
  • It’s midterm week
  • SNOW

I don’t know if they’re legitimate excuses, but I am using them.

Hmmm…so since I have been stuck inside blowing snot out of my face and doing homework, what do I have to talk about???

1. Best Body Bootcamp started yesterday!

If you’ve never heard of this before, I definitely think you should check it out and register for the next round! Anyways, it’s an 8 week program for only $25. Cannot beat that. Tina sends you 4 phases of workouts (each are 2 weeks) that incorporate strength and cardio.

“But Jen, you’re a fitness instructor and personal trainer, why are you TAKING a class?”

“Because, my little internet friends, it is awesome to have someone plan a fitness regime for you. And it refreshes my workouts, and gives me inspiration to incorporate the different exercises and concepts to the classes I teach. Again, cannot beat that!”

Yesterday’s workout was 20 minutes of cardio intervals that alternated between 60 second and 30 second recovery periods. I did the strength portion at home because I had all the equipment. Then when I finally decided to chip the large ice cube that had formed around my car, I got to the gym for the cardio- which I probably shouldn’t have done while sick. I was doing my 8-8.5mph sprints in such a fog, that I don’t remember thinking of anything but bed.

I’m sore today, so it was worth it.

Today’s workout will have to be modified since I am teaching TRX. I’ll probably skip the strength portion for another day but still get the cardio done (assuming I can breathe, I heard that’s important).

2. Midterms this week. This is all I have to say about that:


3. There is a lot of snow outside.


And I lost my winter coat this weekend. It is my belief that all coat-checkers be certified (you know how elevators have inspection stickers, and restaurants have certifications, and hair stylists have their permits? Yeah, coat-checkers should have the same) I handed mine to an imposter and BAM my $220 coat was gone. So sad.

Because I am super cheap, I spent most of the day yesterday online trying to find a WARM coat for a good deal. After much hoopla, the best thing was to have my parents get one for me in NY and mail it here. Therefore, I can’t go outside until the FedEx guy shows up Thursday. (Ok, I do have a wool coat and a puffy parka, but the wool coat is fancy schmancy and the parka is for poopy dog walks only)

4. My bestie, Kysha, sent me an invite to Zulily since they had some coats on sale there. (THANKS!!!) I got sidetracked and looked through Zulily (it even allowed me to ‘shop internationally’, so Canadians out there, you can shop on Zulily, too!) and there are so many awesome deals. Click here to check it out, sign up, and SHOP SHOP SHOP till ya DROP DROP DROP! (or if you lose a coat, like I did)

5. I roasted my first acorn squash last night and it came out perfectly. I suck at using sharp objects in the kitchen, so I took a butcher knife and a hammer to that sucker and got the job done. I sprinkled each half with melted butter, brown sugar, and maple syrup and baked at 400 degrees for just over an hour.

I also tried my hand at Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf. It was alright, but not good enough for me to post the recipe. We also had asparagus. Um, there is a reason I don’t buy asparagus here.

  • it’s THICK (twss)
  • You end up breaking off almost half the stalk, so it’s wasteful

6. My latest Pinterest obsession has been wedding flowers. I need to make a decision so I can figure out what some of the other decorations I might want. This one caught my eye for color purposes only


That’s the extent of my wedding posting for now.

7. If the stupid Lions didn’t F up the game last night, I would have won this week’s football poll. I can’t even be mad at Jay Cutler for that one.

I’ll leave you with yet another picture of my four-legged companion: