Not much going on

Yesterday I prepped myself for the 4th



I had a vegtastic lunchie today


And I went downtown to teach bootcamp. Population:1. We got in a decent sweat, but it was bummin that there weren’t more peeps!


More homework doing and house cleaning before my parents come to town! Yeehaw!

One thought on “Not much going on

  1. Hi Jen,
    This is Tyler’s mom Ingrid. Love receiving your pictures. Layla is a beautiful dog. I am at work so I will keep this short. I have no idea how you can enjoy doing so many exercises and for such a long period of time each day..good going. When I was more active, the most I did was 1 hour per day. I am having problems with leg muscles after my knee and hip surgeries..need extra work just to get into the car and can’t walk for very long/very far. Any suggestions..they cannot be too strenuous because I had left knee and right hip replaced, so the opposite knee/hip are in pretty bad shape. Physio didn’t work.

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