To Summarize

To summarize, today I had a chia pancake with blueberry raw honey for brekky


I got dressed


I considered buying large wine glasses for when my mom comes to visit


And margarita glasses for just everyday use


I decorated the guest room. Like a Boss. No pics yet (I wanna surprise ma and dad)

I chilled on the porch with the pup


Then she tried to swim away in the river

I said ‘no way Jose” and she gave me the tail


All Aboard the Random Train

I actually jotted down everything as it came to me so that I could have a nice, authentic, random post.

-“Build a house up on that ass, that’s as ass-tate”-¬†quite possibly the funniest lyric I’ve heard in a long (ass) time.

-Lately, I have gotten into the habit of brushing my teeth before I workout. Not sure why.

-Here are the recent adds to my iTunes library:

Layla and I took another walk to the pet store for a cookie

She was happy

-I went to the gym with the intention of a treadmill-only workout. Instead, I did 30 minutes on the running machine, then 22 on the spin bike. Yeah, and I was that a-hole at the gym that accidentally unscrewed the seat when I was adjusting it, making it crash all over the place. And people stared. Whatever. I did HIIT on the bike: 90 seconds moderate work with 30 seconds high intensity (and I cranked the resistance). Pretty good calorie burn.

This is a hilarious thing I found on the internets today. Seriously, people do weird things to make money.

-I Skyped with my parents yesterday while they were in Vegas. And by Skype, I mean, my mom video called me and we could see each other, but my parents couldn’t hear me. It was hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing, but they couldn’t hear it.

– I have been watching the US Olympic swimming trials the past few days. My favorite part is when they get ready to swim and they do that silly arm flapping/swinging/hugging stretch. I seriously cannot get enough of it. As a matter of fact, AS I’M TYPING THIS, I just witnessed it again!

Dinner time. Ciao.


Who cares about what I did this morning. Because really, it was boring.

This afternoon, however, was a different story. I got in a stellar workout. And I did it all from the convenience of my own living room. Bing Bang Boom.

Check out my sweet outfit (the top is my purchase from Lululemon yesterday!)

Ah, this shirt perfectly displays my back. My favorite part of my body. Now, let me make a clear distinction: I like my back. NOT my backside. Backside includes the tush. Boo.

And the front of the shirt:

My workout was a nice mix of strength and cardio. The cardio was kickboxing. And the strength was comprised of this little set (which I found on Pinterest. You can follow me at jtougas. And while we’re at it, you can follow me on twitter/instagram @nutcaseinpoint):

So, I did this once through, 20 mins of kix, another run through of the strength, then 15 more mins of kix. Solid hour workout.

And do you know what’s best after a workout?

That’s right. BEER. And not just any beer. Sam Adams Summer Ale. MY FAVEY. Sam Adams people, if you’re reading this, feel free to send me samples. I will gladly accept. Thanks!

And now I’m going to attempt some homework. Haha, probably not. But I feel more studious just saying it.

What’s your favorite beer?


1. I may or may not have gone to the mall. And one of my purchases might have been from Lululemon. oops.


2. I spent approx. all day looking at Save the Date cards. Etsy is slowing replacing Nutella as my drug of choice.

3. Today’s challenge (not including my workout):

  • 100 burpees
  • 100 pushups
  • 100 tuck jumps
  • 100 crunches

4. I have been failing in the kitchen lately. Like, massive failures. I try to whip up tasty treats and meals for Tyler, and they all flop. And I can tell Tyler’s just trying to be nice a) by eating it; and b) having that high-pitched inflection while saying “oh, it’s good”. ugh. Maybe having my mom here next week will revamp my cooking abilities.

5. That’s right, my parents are coming next week! Hooray! Note to self: pack fridge with white wine prior to their arrival.

6. With that, we had to buy a bed for them to sleep on. Yup, three bedroom house, and only one bed. I’m hoping to get them liquored up each night so they don’t feel the effects of a futon sleep. Shhh.

7. Remember last week when I made that apricot salsa (another fail) and I cut up 4x the jalapenos? And my hands burned for DAYS after? I was searching some stuff on the internets today since I just remembered I wanted to see how to get the sting out of my skin (too late) and I found this:


Hahaha. Laugh with me on this.

8.  July 1: Canada Day; July 4: Independence Day; July 7: My biiiiiirthday