My neighborhood is infested with bunnies. Correction: small child eating hares. Yesterday, I saw about 300 of them in my front yard…and I actually got pictures to share.






Today’s workout: Day 4 of BBB (Total Body circuit + 20 minutes of steady state cardio)

Today’s eats: Multi-grain cheerios w/almond milk, grapefruit, edamame salad, blue corn tortilla chips, 3 slices of oven roasted turkey,

chicken apple sausage w/roasted peppers (haven’t had the last one yet, but I’m about to make it as soon as I finish this post)

Today’s extracurricular: Walk w/ Layla that ended up in a mile spring home when we were stuck in a torrential downpour.


Homework is done, blog post is done, now I just gotta paint my nails neon for tomorrow’s 80’s party!

What’s something from your day today?!!