I’ve been gone

I’ve been gone for a while, did you miss me? Probably not.

Food has been consumed. As well as adult bevvies. A Costco trip. River walk with the dog. All sorts of things. But I’m not about to recap them in detail. I DO have somewhat of a life, ya know.

But- yesterday was Canada Day and Tyler and I celebrated with some ribs and corn.

And MANY rounds of margies with our new toy!

Sun was out, it was lovely. And BOOM. Five minutes later, this happened:

Holy chub arm.

Since today is a holiday, Tyler has been selling stuff on Kijiji while listening to trance music, and I have been working on my fitness.

I did the GLADIATOR workout from the Nike Training Camp app. It was 45 minutes of strength intervals. I am sweaty as a beast, but I still don’t feel like a got a ‘full’ workout in. I might change my mind in about 5 minutes once my adrenaline high wears off.

Do me a favor. Tweet me @nutcaseinpoint. Just say hi. Thanks.

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