I feel like I have nothing good to say. Probably because I’m EXHAUSTED.

I cleaned. I ran errands. I shopped. I did homework. I worked out. I walked the dog (aka: workout #2). I watched more of the Olympics. And now, I’ve gotta somehow spit all this out so I can get to Tyler’s football game.

So, I’ve been watching one of the American channels to get good coverage of the olympics (Bob Costas is WAY better than any of these lame-o Canadian broadcasts. Fo’ real) And they recapped the opening ceremony- music included. I SWEAR TO GOD I’VE HEARD THAT INTRO SONG BEFORE. And then it hit me- this is where I know that song:

I might have to reenact this. Any volunteers?

I had Layla wear her name scarf

I painted my nails in a variety of purple


And I painted the bathroom


Tackling those cupboards next. Anyone know the best way to do that? Spray paint? Help!

Today’s workout was courtesy, once again, of Tina from Best Body Bootcamp. It was almost identical to last Monday’s sweat session, except we did an extra set of the ‘to fatigue’ exercises. 4 rounds of upper body supersets and 20 minutes of 60/60 HIIT. I actually got to the HIIT portion just as the US Men’s Beach volleyball team played Poland, so I ditched the idea of going to the gym and did my intervals in front of the TV. After 20 minutes, the US lost and I won a lot of sweat .


Is it sad that one of the things I’m most excited about when I go home is my workouts? I have been in Calgary for 5 months and have been adjusting to the high altitude. I can’t wait to see my running capability when I get back to NY!

(Sidenote: I am selling my Kayak, paddle, life jacket, and Thule rack since I can’t take it back to Calgary with me. If you are in the upstate NY or Boston area and are interested, let me know! BTW, the Kayak is pink. So I’m guessing I’ll have no male takers.)

I am also excited for Frozen Dreams (this is right down the street from my parents house. I am totally walking there everyday. EVERY.DAY.), Trader Joe’s, Dunkin Donuts, and TAR-JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (Target, people. You have no idea how good you guys in the states have it. There are no Targets here. And I am unemployed. DO YOU KNOW how much time I can waste in that store?! SO EXCITED TO USE MY TARGET CARD. AHHHHHHHHKLKHGSLDHSDF(—-> that’s a little too much excitement). I’m also gonna buy a shitload of stuff while I’m home. I’d rather pay the $25 baggage fee per bag at the airport than have my mom ship stuff to me. Or buy it here.

(Sidenote: There are a lot of the same stores up here, but man oh man so I miss me some American Malls, y’all. Macy’s, I’m coming for you. And Urban Outfitters, watch out. Seriously)

I just mapped the route Layla and I took for our walk. We went 3 miles (4.83 kilometers). Girlfran hadda plunk it on someone’s yard for a bit. It was hot. And hilly.


I hosed her down when we got home. Considered doing the same to myself. But I didn’t want to scare the neighbors.

Still looking for people interested in guest blogging. I’d be insulted if you didn’t volunteer. Pleaseeeeee?!