Vacation’s Over. O.V.E.R.

Please allow for this post to be a sporadic* as possible. My mind= jell-o. Thanks.

My parents just left this morning.

They flew from NY to vegas to stay with friends, then drove to Montana to stay with the same friends (how nice would it be to have homes in both vegas and MT?!), then drove here to stay with me and Tyler. Now they are driving back to Montana, then back to vegas, then flying back home. I am tired just thinking of how exhausting that trip must be. While they were here, we:

  • Went to the rodeo at the Calgary Stampede for my Birthday!!!


  • Drank a LOT. (10 out of the 11 days to be exact)


  • Went to the Grandstand show at the Stampede


  • Went to Lake Louise and Banff


  • Ate a LOT. (more on that later)


  • Shopped
  • Went to 2 of Tyler’s football games


  • Played cards

Of course, I cried hysterically when they left. But then I got to cleaning the house and I got over it. Besides, I am flying to NY on AUGUST 6TH for 18 days!!!

About the eating thing. And the drinking thing. I drank like a fish while they were here. A total, sloppy fish. And I supposed I felt like I ate a lot (anything is filling when your belly’s full of booze). And I tried to work out. But I considered their time here as vacation. I got 5 -what i would consider- GOOD workouts. And while at the Stampede and Lake Louise, we were walking around ALL DAY. And sweating. But there was a hot dog with BBQ sauce and bacon consumed. As well as poutine. And, well, the margaritas.



I am so happy. You really have no idea.  Now please excuse me while I get myself together for a Grade A sweat session. Boy, do I need this.

*I learned this word from Clueless. 

Cher: OK, it will get easier, I promise. Just as long as we do it everyday. Not just sporadically.

Tai: How do you know if we’re doing it sporadically?

Cher: That’s another thing, Tai. We’ve got to work on your accent and vocabulary. See, sporadic means once in a while. Try and use it in a sentence today.

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