Alternating 3’s Workout

I’m just gonna get right to it…

Alternating 3’s Workout

Warm up: 20 minutes of cardio (I did kickboxing, but anything getting your heart rate up and the sweat pouring will do)

**Each set of exercises will be alternated, then repeated for a total of three times through.

Set 1

    Weighted stability ball split squat x12 (left leg forward)
    Weighted squats x12

Set 2
(same as set one except right leg forward for the split squats)

Set 3

    Right arm tricep squeeze x8
    Tricep kickback x8
    Combo (squeeze and kickback=1) x8
    Using both arms, tricep extension x8

Set 4
(same as set 3 except use left arm for squeeze and kickbacks)

Set 5
Using the stability ball for support and creating a bridge with your body..

    Chest press x8
    Flys x8

Set 6

    Weighted crunch on the ball x8
    Weighted crunch with torso twist right x8

Set 7
(same as set 6 except twist to the left)

…try doing sets 6 & 7 straight through with no stopping!

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