My relationships through music- Part 1

I have decided to write a series of posts on my past relationships-through the use of music videos.

I have had 4 serious relationships in my life. One boyfriend in high school, one in college, one post college, and now Tyler (i like him the best). Prior to Tyler, I had some pretty crazy stuff happen in my relationships- so I thought I would chronicle them for your entertainment. (If you are viewing this in your Google Reader, you may not see the videos. For these posts to make sense, I highly recommend clicking over to my blog to view and listen to each song to really grasp the horror/hilarity of my situations.)

For the sake of not going in chronological order, let’s start with my college boyfriend.

His pick up line? It was on facebook. And he said he thought I looked like this girl:

ps: I totally don’t, but I was desperate for a compliment, so I went with it.

Before you know it, I grabbed my jeans and white button-down shirt and was rejoicing like this gal:

He thought about it for a bit, and told me:

Summer passed, and we returned back to campus. Stuff changed. Then, he was calling me this:

Haha, kidding. Really, I think he was just listening to this song too much

he was distant. and sometimes I couldn’t get in touch with him. And when I finally did, I’d break up with him. Then 20 minutes later text “jk ilu” and we would go out for a date night. Then it would all happen again. And again.

and then he dumped me. officially.  CORRECTION: HIS MOTHER DUMPED ME for him. Via email. And I was sad. Depressed. And I probably listened to this song a billionty times in a row

Before realizing that he was a douche. Especially for having his mom break up with me. When I was pretty much handicapped on campus (broken foot + crutched + hilliest campus ever= DEATH). Oh, and for starting to date my neighbor on campus before his mother sent said email. Then, I pretty much was all:

(Seriously, if you’re just scrolling through this and looking at song titles- I STRONGLY encourage you to listen to listen to the above song. It’ll give you a chuckle)

After calming down, I pranced around school singing:

That relationship was totally unhealthy.

No really, I gained like 20 pounds while dating him

The end. (just wait for Part 2- the POST college guy. Aka: the one that REALLY screwed me up)

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