This week in words

Crap, it’s Sunday already. No es bueno. Since I have been pretty M.I.A. in posts this week (besides my minor tangent on relationships through music) I decided to recap the week. Do you care? No. But I have been reminiscing all day so I’m going to write about it anyways.


Workout: Strength Circuits in my room

Other: Group tasting for my wedding food. It did not go well. And by ‘not well’ I mean that I decided to go with the company I met with last week instead.


Other: Bought my Wedding Dress! (Not showing anyone but Kysha and Katie and my parents until next summer) Here’s the best part: since I have a freakishly irregular shaped body, I had to customer order the gown. How freakishly irregular, you ask? (Think in dress-size terms. Boys: skip ahead) My chest is size 5, waist is size 8, and hips are 14. Woof.

Workout: Liz’s Kix class and Athena‘s circuit training. After I bought the dress, I headed out to Boston to see my gym family and have a 2 hour workout. Best 2 hours ever. Super sweaty, pain, laughs…basically all of my favorite things.


Workout: I stayed overnight at Athena’s and she taught spin the next morning. I haven’t taken a spin class since March, even though I have been using the bike in my own workouts. She had fantastic music, and used some of Tina’s intervals from Best Body Bootcamp (If you can’t tell already, Athena and I are fitness twins. Except, sometimes she can do way more regular pushups than me.)

Other: After spin, I went shopping. Actually, is was more like wasting time. But I did buy a shirt. Then I headed to Kysha’s surprise baby shower! I hadn’t seen my bestest friend in a year, and she looks fantastic. Better than fantastic. Once the shower was over, I headed up to my cousin’s house to crash. I was a total couch surfer this week. And I put 1,000+ miles on my parents car. Whoops.



Other: I helped my mom buy a wheelchair for my aunt. Yes, a sentence I never dreamed of typing. I also met up with my high school bestie- she lives right across the street from my parent’s house and we may or may not have matching tattoos that were established roughly around our 18th birthdays. We had a drink- she introduced me to a Baby Guiness (a shot with Kahlua on the bottom and Bailey’s on top)- and stayed out till 3 am. Insert headache here. Not from the booze, but from the late bed time.


I’m not even kidding, I sat on the couch from when I woke up (11:30am) until 11pm. What was I watching? The Police Women of Memphis and Police Women of Broward County on OWN. That’s right, Oprah stole a show from TLC.

Workout: I actually fell to the floor somewhere between the hours of 8 and 10 and did lots of ab work.


EARLY WAKEUP, Y’ALL. I had to pack, do my homework, paint my nails, workout, and do my hair before my 11 am departure time. Which turned into noon.

Workout: I trekked down to the basement for a good, sweaty 60 minute session. I did intervals on the treadmill and strength circuits. Here’s how I broke it down:

Once I got BACK to Boston for the second time this week, I slapped on some makeup, and we all met up for my girls night/bachelorette party. (I took a whopping ZERO photos, so I am waiting for Athena to post her recap and I can direct you guys to her!)

We started off with dinner at Granary Tavern then headed over to Ned Devine’s for the Improv Asylum’s bachelorette/drag show. One of them kissed me ON THE MOUTH.

And I capped off the night with street sausage. I do recall referring to it as ‘saw-seeeeeeeeige’ for quite some time.


Today sucks. I left Boston, got stuck in redonk traffic, and was crammed with a few hours of plug-n-chug homework. And I still have to work out. Since my brain is fried, it will probably be something similar to yesterday’s.

To end on a funny note, I will tell you that this picture can pretty much sum up the entire night last night:


A HUGE thank you to all the girls who went out of their way to make last night super awesome! I can’t wait to get back to Boston already!

4 thoughts on “This week in words

  1. You are not freakishly shaped. I too was 3 different sizes when they measured me for my wedding dress. At least you are a size 5 bust, I was a 2 talk about depressing, wha wha.. You are going to be a gorgeous bride! Glad you are having a great time out east. Its been awhile since I have been out that way. By the way your legs look amazing in that picture!

    • I was actually laughing the whole time because they had to measure and remeasure my body about 6 times. Stranger ladies coming at you while you’re naked in the fitting room is just straight up awkward!

      Thanks (about the legs!!!)

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