Sad to think it was a WHOLE WEEK since I was getting ready for Two-A-Day Tuesday with my Boston gym family. But I had alternate methods of exercise today. Enter: Kayak.

Oh wait, first lemme just show you THIS GIANT BLOB OF GOODNESS:


SO good. Mom and I met with the wedding coordinator yesterday and she suggested a couple places to pick up samples goodies for a dessert table. I was pretty much set with the cookie, but we had brownies, cowboy bars, some peanut butter chocolate bar, carrot cake and cupcakes. Mmmmm






Oh yeah, this was my view all morning. Got a great upper body workout and a sweet life jacket tan.

Mom apparently couldn’t see where I was taking this picture from. Even though I was like 3 feet away


And dad just straight up didn’t know I was taking this pic


After we did a lap around the lake, we decided to hit up the Docksider, which is surprisingly along the side of the dock where we launched. (Appropriately named, eh?) I chose to not have anything since the majority of the menu is fried, but I did get to enjoy this view for a bit

Can’t hate that view on a beautiful day.

While we were there, I managed to find an AWESOME recipe on my Google Reader that I decided to whip up as soon as we got home. Introducing: Cherry & Grape Salsa (recipe found from this post)


Click on that link above and make that recipe. Like now. It’s quite possibly the best combination of flavors ever. (except for maybe chocolate and peanut butter).

Even though I did get in a sunny upper body workout on the lake this morning, I am still gearing up for some circuits/cardio in the basement tonight. (In case you were wondering)

And last, but certainly not least, I get to see these two faces in 3 days. And I cannot wait.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. I was drooling over the photo of the salsa on Instagram. It makes me want to rush out the to store to buy the ingredients!
    I LOVE kayaking. Definitely one of my favorite outdoor activities ever. I even got engaged while kayaking!

    • The salsa has a really awesome flavor- I ate it with chips, but will definitely make it again when I get around to buying goat cheese. mmmm

      That’s so awesome! I would have flipped out of the boat if that happened to me!!!! 🙂

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