Back to liiiiife.

Greetings from Calgary. Yesterday was just a clusterf*ck of whatthehellisgoingon. I got to the Albany airport at O’dark thirty, checked my bags, then got to the gate and found out I was bumped to a different flight. I was planning on having a nice 9 hour layover in Chicago and hang with Katie, but I was sent directly to Calgary. Except my bags still stopped in Chicago and hung out for a few hours, so that was awesome.

As soon as I got back, THIS happened




Seriously, no complaints. Since I can’t get any of my beloved La Croix here, I will gladly try to make my own sparkling water. We also picked up a sample pack of flavors.


There was just about every flavor EXCEPT the calorie free ones that I wanted (we ended up buying some of those today. And they’re good. In case you were wondering.)


The next 20 minutes was a blur because before I knew it, we bought some of this stuff:


I was all “what?”

And Tyler was all “yuh huh”

So naturally, we combined our two new purchases, threw in a wedge of grapefruit, and this is what happened:


So. The next time you find yourself with a bunch of extra cash (MOM GUESS WHAT. I saved Tyler $76 dollars on the Sodastream because I had a 20% off coupon AND a $50 gift card. I am so good) I recommend you buy yourself a Sodastream, buy the Pink Grapefruit flavor, snag a bottle of Absolut Grapevine, throw ’em all together and BAM, you have a party. Holy cannoli are they tasty.

We also watched The Five Year Engagement last night. Yeah, it was funny, but there was a huge depressing section of the movie that I could have done without. PS: For any of you who have seen the movie, my wedding planning style is exactly like the end of the movie.

Yesterday’s workout: Attempting to pop a squat in the airplane bathroom during turbulence.


Today, I got back to long walks with the pup. Love this view.


Back to the long walks also means I am back to staring at this butt at least 90 minutes every day


And picking up what comes out of said butt.

But we are besties, so I deal with it.


Today’s workout: Walk with Layla. See above in case you forgot already. 60 minutes of Kix thanks to the new CD Liz gave me when I was in Boston two weeks ago. Thanks, Liz!

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