Quite the little Saturday

Last night’s beers were tragically strong which made for an awful night’s sleep. Ah well, it wasn’t like I had to wake up for work or anything (let’s all take a moment and laugh, since I haven’t had a paying job since Feb 9, aka: the most glorious day of my life)

Tyler and I grabbed coffee at Tim Horton’s and headed down to the Calgary corn maze to get us some pumpkins. We were the only people there without children.

Because I am an awesome money-saver, we headed over to Michael’s and used my 50% off coupon to get some pumpkin carving crap.

And a rake (not from Michael’s) because we are domestic like that.

I don’t know if you know this, but pumpkin picking and rake buying are very labor intensive. When things are labor intensive, you work up an appetite. What I’m trying to say is- we got HANGRY.

What better place to fix that problem then to head over to our fave place, Brewster’s.

Tyler got the Crispy Chicken Ranch burger and I got the Maui burger. Pretty convenient they were next to each other on the menu for me to take a picture. Tyler also had an Oktoberfest beer (he loved- said there wasn’t any aftertaste) and I had the Raspberry Ale (our favorite). And we waited for food to be served.

Then, food was served. Imagine that.

This was my Maui burger. I tossed the top part of the bun, and still only got through about half of it. We were those people, and took the rest of my meat home for Layla.

After a few more stops (Safeway, home improvement store, liquor store) we finally got home.

And I decided to be awesome and take the dog for a run. Note: my dog is horrible on the leash and in the 3 years I have had her, I had yet to attempt a run with her.

32 minutes later, we both finished a 3.5 mile run! I have a feeling tonight Layla will sleep around 17 hours instead of her usual 13.

Now, Saturday is drawing to a close, and I am was just sitting here taking one of my weekly quizzes for one of my courses and Tyler is in the basement in the closet installing a humidifier. We lead quite the exciting life.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I gotta make pie.