NOT a healthy grocery list

Hi, Internets. Happy Tuesday.

This is NOT a healthy grocery list.


But it’s not for like…me. (ok, it is.) I just put together something yummy, but I can’t share it yet because I haven’t tried it yet. But, you can tell it’s gotta be good based on the list.

Last night, I got through the strength portion of Workout A from Best Body Bootcamp at home. I did some homework (also at home, hence the name), then scooted over to the Y for the cardio interval portion of my workout.

Sidenote: I got my midterm grades… A and a B+ (not proud of the B+, but it is what it is)!


This is the least flattering picture ever. I need to get my roots done STAT. And get rid of my sideburns. And stop doing that tween face.

OMG I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. I was going through my phone looking for this workout picture for the post, and I had taken a bunch throughout my workout, including some at the gym, and in the one in the locker room mirror, I snapped the naked tushie of an older lady! Totally didn’t even see her when I took the pic. I immediately deleted because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

Hi. Target is coming to Canada. That is the ONE credit card that I owned in the states, and pretty soon I can start using it again.


I was entirely too giddy when I saw this at the mall yesterday. My giddiness turned into shopping rage, and I bought a butt-ton of candles, some jewelry, and some long sleeve sweaters and tops. And…kombucha.


God, I love that stuff.

And Essie nail polish. I never splurged on this brand before because it’s pretty expensive, but after my first experience with it yesterday, I am a total convert. Go out and buy it. Now.


HEY YOU. Yes, you. Get on Facebook and ‘Like’ my page. Right now. Please? I’m borderline begging you.

Remember last week when I told you that I went to the bottle return and got $23?! Well, I forgot about one significantly large box of bottles that were in the backseat instead of the trunk. And so, all week I have been driving around Calgary with a LARGE box of empty tequila bottles (yes, they are ALL tequila bottles). I should probably take them out of my car. Again, I’m guessing that’s illegal.

For your entertainment, this post tells you how to scare yourself thin this Halloween. I am so doing EVERY SINGLE thing on that list tomorrow.

Since I’m bored, and still have pretty much no friends in Calgary, and I want to get a lot of people to comment to keep me from eternal boredom, do me another favor and answer the following in the comments:

  1. Are you dressing up for Halloween at work?
  2. Watching scary movies?
  3. What’s your favorite halloween treat?