Throwback Thursday (not that kind)

Happy Throwback Thursday (usually people refer to throwback in the sense that they post old pictures or play old songs. But me, I ‘throw back’ a few brewskis. Umm it’s Thursday, so there’s football. And when there’s football, and a football loving dude that I just so happen to live with…..there’s beer)

Oh funny story: I have been saving all the booze bottles (and milk cartons and kombucha bottles) for the last couple of months and I returned them today for $23! Hells yeah I can buy practically nothing in Canada for that.

1. My Avon order arrived today! Woo hoo


(More than $23)



2. So did my new coat!


(Way more than $23)


(That’s my crazy i-look-like-crap-silly-face) Gimme a break, I didn’t put makeup on today because I am about to go to the gym, and I wanted ‘naked’ skin when I went to my Avon lady’s house just in case I was going to put a lot of samples on. But I didn’t) Layla doesn’t judge.

3. We also got some dimmer switches that Tyler ordered, but I didn’t open the box because those aren’t as exciting to play with…..until they’re installed.

*Have we noticed that I am useful being stuck at home? I answer the door for all the deliveries!

Yesterday’s HEAT class had a whopping ONE person in attendance. PEOPLE, DON’T SLACK OFF ON GOING TO THE GYM JUST BECAUSE THERE’S SNOW ON THE GROUND. I hate snow and I still trekked through that shi*

I did a 10 minute progression cardio set on the elliptical before heading to the studio for class, where I did:

(The first few rounds were taken directly from one of Athena’s workouts that she posted the other day. I used to hate being in her class when she did count downs only because I seemed to be the only grunter by the time we got down to 4’s. Oh wait, I think I liked it because I was the only grunter. Ahh, potayyy-toes, potahhh-toes.)

Countdowns (10 of each move, then 9, down to one…Athena explains it. Then one minute of the cardio, and about one minute of the core move)

Round 1

  • Bicep Curls/Overhead Presses
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Alternating crunch/toe touch

Round 2

  • Pushups/bent over rows
  • Jump rope
  • Side plank w/hip raise

Round 3

  • Tricep Kickbacks/Upright Rows
  • High Knees
  • Heel Taps

Then, I had to get a bit creative because my one participant was a little limited in her movement due to an injury.

Round 4

  • Donkey Kicks (each leg countdown)
  • Weighted left squat to left side lunge (45 seconds) to right squat and right side lunge (45 seconds)
  • One minute wall sit with a front raise

Round 5

  • Crunches/Supermans
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Leg lifts
  • One minute wall sit with lateral raise

Round 6

  • Weighted reverse lunge with 3-count pulse and 3-count hold (90 seconds each leg)
  • Weighted Squat to overhead press
  • Laying weighted hip abductions with 3-count hold

It doesn’t look like a whole ton of cardio, but since we were doing those countdowns like quickfire, we were both breathing hard and sweating lots.

Today’s workout will consist of 40 minutes steady state cardio, and a few moves that were in my workout from Best Body Bootcamp that I was supposed to do yesterday (but didn’t squeeze them in my class)

Peace out.