To the dog park

Yesterday I woke up all ready to attack the day with my laziness. Followed by teaching HEAT class. But then I made lunch.


It was a good sandwich that I just randomly came up with. Some multi grain bread from the local bakery, sliced cucumber, sauteed red peppers, cream cheese, and a slice of cheddar. I slapped that on the panini press and lunch was served.

Immediately following, my stomach started hurting. It hurt so bad that I called for a replacement to teach my class last night…and I got in bed. I thought perhaps it was the cheese or the bread that did me in, but we’ll never know.

I tried to survive through dinner that Tyler brought home, but I think that made it even worse.


We took Layla for a walk afterwards, and then I knew I was a sicky-sick little lady (HA! Little?).

I woke up this AM with a sore throat, some post nasal drop and a headache that made me fall over when I got up to pee. (YOU’RE WELCOME).

And yet, I still managed to take my four-legged child to the park. Hells no I was not going to walk her, I am dead people! I took her to the fenced in dog park, slapped my chair in the corner, and watched her do her thing. Unfortunately for me, she knew the park was right next to the river, so she whined and jumped on my until I hooked her up and brought her for a swim.


So there I was, in my pajamas, coughing and moaning, while my idiot of a dog jumped into the frozen (ice not visible to the naked eye) water. Then she freaked when she heard all the broken ice clanking around her. I laughed. Then coughed. Then laughed and coughed at the same time.




You see, since I have been a miserable beast of a mess all day, I have no energy to do things to write about. Nor am I my witty, hilarious self. And don’t even get me started on how difficult it has been to attempt homework today. I think I might lay in the tub (with water in it, of course) and take a nap. And by nap, I really mean sit in there reading my book until I pass out, and then wake up with a crook in my neck.

I might also get real stupid-ass stubborn and head to the gym for a cardio interval session on the treadmill. I’m kind of craving it right now.

Oh, and I am making pulled pork.

And coleslaw.

And since football is on tonight, I might have an adult beverage. Doubt that’ll help with the sickness, but it’s Thursday, dang it! )That means absolutely nothing to me since I have been happily unemployed for 8.5 months now. Wow, time flies when you live in a foreign country with a dog, a dude and no money!

I gotta get better by Saturday! A friend and I are making out own impromptu pub crawl downtown! I can’t wait. Are you in Calgary and want to join? Let me know!

Also, I am accepting applications for a new best friend in the Calgary area. Must like working out, drinking, and laughing. (Kysha and Katie, you’re still my besties, but I need a gal that doesn’t have to use a passport to see me!) Why am I interviewing for a new friend? Because I need someone to have fun with! Someone that doesn’t always have to do ‘couples’ things, or has a bed time, or is a grump. Someone who isn’t Tyler. I love him and all, but I need me some quality fun-girl time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some moping to do.