Check In

Hey! (I have been watching too many episodes of Duck Dynasty lately. Uncle Si kills me!)


Just a quick little check in, I wanted to remind all of you that today is the last day to “Like” my facebook page to be entered in a little intro giveaway! What’s the harm in a little mouse click with the possibility you might win something for free? Seriously.

Yesterday’s HEAT class was a combo of strength circuits and cardio blasts. I’d type out the whole class, but I’m not really in the mood. It basically went like this:

6 strength stations

Round 1 was one minute at each station, followed by a 2 minute cardio blast

the stations were:

  • alternating lunge with med ball twist
  • decline pushup
  • tricep dips
  • bosu squat hops
  • stability ball chest press
  • plank

then the cardio was 30 sec jacks, 30 sec high knees x2

Round 2 was another set of 6 stations each done for a minute

  • pendulum lunges
  • walking plank pushups (HOLY BALLSACK these made me SORE today)
  • tricep dip toe touch
  • bosu squats
  • stability ball chest flys
  • crunches

then another set of cardio that was a lot of down-and-back stuff: run x2, skip jumps x2, shuffle x2, and frog jumps

Round 3 was the same as round 1, this time with only 45 seconds of work. After 3 stations were completed, we did a 2 minute cardio burst like before) Then when all stations were completed, we did the down-and-back cardio as before

Round 4 was the same as round 2, except again at 45 seconds of work AND after each station, we did 30 second cardio bursts (plank jacks and jump twists)

I finished the class with a lot of quad/hamstring work on the bosu and abs.

Whoops, guess I did just write out the whole class.

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