Observations, Pvbody update and a Workout

Observations at the gym

  • Wear shoes with laces. Keds never have been and never will be acceptable at appropriate gym attire.
  • Same goes with tank tops for guys. Especially if I can see your nipples.
  • Please don’t wear perfume/cologne. I don’t want to be on the bike and you walk by reeking of Abercrombie. But DO please wear deodorant. THAT can be scented.
  • The cardio and weight floor should not be immediately next to the cafe. Especially when smells of coffee and cookies are present.
  • Teen night is stupid. It allows teens to congregate around machines I need to use. And they’re probably infecting the machines (and each other)
  • There should be an appropriate distance between each individual in the stretch area. I do not need you to do squat holds 6 inches away from where I am doing core work. Especially if you have gas, which you probably do.
  • Please control your toddlers in the locker room. Also, you don’t get free reign in there just because you came in with babies.
  • Speaking of babies. I think going to the gym during normal business hours is really good birth control. I cringe when I see a room full of those brats in their Spiderman outfits with dirty hands and a screechy laugh.
  • I can see you when you flex in the mirror.

Perhaps those aren’t observations, but more like what annoys me. Anyhoo….

Now back to pv.body (yes, I’m pimping it again)


They started the new year with a 30 day challenge- and you can take part! Hint: THERE ARE PRIZES INVOLVED!

The pv.body 30 day challenge provides you with your own personal dietitian and trainer to help you meet your fitness and health goals. Everyday, our pv.body babes will be given a new challenge that they can share with friends! Challenges include workouts, recipes, meal plans, group activities and more!

You can update your progress through Pins, Tweets or Instagrams by using the hashtag: #pv30daychallenge

(In case you haven’t heard of pv.body yet- and I don’t know how you haven’t since it’s all over the blogging world- they are a monthly subscription service that send you one athletic/workout top and bottom each month. The best part is that they are high end quality brands that retail for significantly more than what you pay for the subscription- only $49! BUT, you can get 20% off that price if you sign up through me!)

Here’s how to take advantage:

1. Sign up here through my link and receive 20% off: 20% off through Nutcaseinpoint

2. Take the pv.body 30 Day Challenge here to kick start your New Year resolutions and receive tons of fun prizes: Challenge

(IMPORTANT: Please note that you will not receive the discount though the ‘Challenge’ link; you have to sign up through my link above to receive the 20% off.)

Not only am I going to write about what bugs me at the gym AND provide you with a sweet hookup for some awesome activewear and prizes, but I am also going to leave you with a sweet workout!


Cardio: your choice. Incorporate INTERVALS. >It’s only for 20 minutes< Go at a moderate intensity with rest periods, then shorten the rest periods and increase the intensity. Before you know it, you’ll be huffing and puffing, but you’ll be DONE.

Strength: Lately I have been concentrating my strength workouts to specific areas (upper body, lower body, core), but this workout will be a total body one. You’re welcome.

  • Single Leg deadlift (using body bar)
  • Standing hamstring extension (same leg)
  • Single Leg deadlift with overhead press and hamstring extension (building on the original moves)
  • Bosu ball weighted squats (I do these for the length of a song- incorporating different counts to change up the effectiveness of the move. For example: 4 count on the way down, 1 up; 8 count down and up, 2 count each way, etc…)

Go through set with other leg

  • Stability ball concentration curls (10) and half curls (to fatigue)
  • Overhead presses
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Arnold Presses

Go through set again with curls done on other arm

  • Plank up-downs with toes on bosu ball
  • Side plank hip dips
  • Single Arm over head press and reach with side knee crunch

Done 3 x thru

 Phew! All this fitness talk makes me want to go to the gym now! 😉

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