Workout Schtuff

So far, I have been hitting the nail on the head with my workouts this week. Yay! When I was writing up the lower and upper body strength workouts I was going to do, I realized I hadn’t incorporated any compound moves in a LONG time. You bet your bippy they made their way in this week! Here are some of my favorite compound moves:

  • Reverse lunge with bicep curl (or hammer curl)
  • Hip raise with chest press on stability ball



  • Single Leg deadlift with overhead press and hamstring extension



  • Curtsy lunge with lateral raise
  • Split squats with tricep kickbacks

…just to name a few. (Let me know if you would like further explanation on the moves!)

NOW I get to share with you the upper body circuit I did with the TRX suspension training bands on Wednesday. It may not look like much on paper, but I DARE you to go try it for yourself and not feel it the next day.

So, there are only 3 moves, but each are performed in pyramid sets. i.e.: Do 10 reps, rest (approx. 20 seconds or longer if necessary), 15 reps, rest, 20 reps, rest, 15 reps, rest, 10 reps. Then move on to the second exercise.. get it?

Here are the three moves:

1. Row (increasing resistance by moving feet closer to the pivot point)




2. Chest press (I did it with my feet together)




3. Y’s (again, increasing resistance by positioning stance close to pivot point. You can also opt to do single arm)




And if you’re really feeling advanced..go ahead and try this:




I, personally, am not quite there yet.

And now, I can share with you a great cardio interval workout on the treadmill:



So there ya go. 

Question: What are you favorite compound exercises? Favorite TRX moves?

5 thoughts on “Workout Schtuff

  1. I made the pork tenderloin in the crock pot with Salsa Verde and fresh mango and the WHOLE FAMILY LOVED IT. This never happens, I owe you big!

  2. Yes for compound moves, I always forget to add them in & they’re such a solid bang for your buck. I like a crusty step-up with lateral raise…good stuff! As for TRX, anything in plank position is killer, mountain climbers, knee tucks, etc. Thanks for sharon some great moves!

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