Stuff on the Internets

1. I love carbs. A lot. And when I try to limit them in my diet, guess what? I gain weight and feel terrible? Because my body is all “hey, broccoli is great and all, but add it will some pasta and we’ll all be happy”. This article is actually pretty funny. It lists some of the best carbs out there (don’t hate me, but I am not a french fry person. yuck)

2. Speaking of carbo loading, how about this recipe for loaded nacho burgers? I’ll totally eat that…then probably throw back a few brewskis. Might as well.

**Side note: I just talked with my caterer and because in addition to a full bar, we are having two draft beers. She gave me the list to choose from, and it’s just too hard to pick ONLY TWO!!!!!!

3. Whoa. So there’s a guy suing a gym for having ‘women’s only’ hours. CRAZY! Now that I belong to a gym that has two sides (with separate entrances..only connected through the women’s locker room) I can really see how women’s workouts can be improved without men around. Of course, on the women’s only side, there are some male trainers, but it still allows women to be in a comfortable environment free from men’s grunting and groaning and walking around with puffed chests and tank tops. I still work out in both sides (depending on machine/equipment availability) but I love that they offer women the choice. Heck, if it keeps women active..why not?!!

4. Intimate Gymnastics? Aka: the girl can lift a 30 lb kettlebell with her LADY BITS? I’ll stick to cross training, thanks.

5. A recipe for Kale Pesto. Totally trying this. I have only bought kale once to make kale chips.

6. Hey, remember Anne Geddes? You know, the lady that takes these pics?




Well, check out some of the Adult-Only Anne Geddes inspired photographs. You’ll get a laugh.

7. 10 Outrageous Chocolate combinations. I’ll stick with the stuff on its own, thanks.