Assignment: Winesday Wednesday

Well today has been quite the day already!

-The cable and internet weren’t working

-The new furnace wasn’t on

-I slipped and fell on ice in the backyard

-I was almost late for an interview downtown because I couldn’t find parking.


But everything’s fine now. I made it to my interview on time, the cable guy just left, Tyler troubleshooted me through reseting the furnace, and I will probably only have a few bruises from the fall.


Let’s talk about my new favorite thing:


Folks, I love wine. I’m sure a bunch of you out there do as well. Here’s what I wanna do- I want to start a weekly Winesday Wednesday post. I figure the weekly post will give me -and you- an opportunity to share wine(s) (or other fun beverages!) that we have enjoyed over the past week. Does that sound cool?

The answer is YES.

Here’s how I think we’ll get started– each Wednesday, I will publish a post with the various drinks I’ve had throughout the past week (again, doesn’t have to be limited to wine or even booze!) Sharing this can give inspiration to other readers on what to buy, what to mix, etc..

YOUR PART: send me pics or write-ups or what-have-yous regarding these bevvies to me so I can include them in the post!

Here are the ways you can get your fun bevvy stuff to me:

  • You can tweet them to me (@nutcaseinpoint)
  • Post it on Instagram (using the hashtag #winesdaywednesday AND including my handle, @nutcaseinpoint to make sure I see it)
  • Email me: jtougas77(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Post on my facebook page (Nutcaseinpoint)

If you get those to me by Tuesday night-ish, you’ll be included in the post! Sound Cool?!! I think so! I’m looking forward to see what you guys are (or aren’t) enjoying!!!!

For the sake of getting the ball rolling, here’s what I had last night:


I had a glass of Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Viognier 2010. What caught my eye when I saw this at the store was that it had notes of blueberry. I had never come across a red that had that flavor, and I could immediately taste it with my first sip! (not overpowering though- it was just right).

And guess what? I only had one glass. WHO AM I?

Well, I had an interview this AM, so I didn’t want to overindulge. And I did my Ab Tabatas at the same time! Crazy.

Alright- get drinking! I’m excited to hear from everyone throughout the week!!! 🙂