Exercise and Eats: Week of 4/15

I don’t feel clever enough to write a little blurb before jumping right into the exercises and eats for this week. So there.

Last week’s workouts turned out as follows:

Sun, 4/7: No Weight Workout (2x through) DONE

Mon, 4/8: Strength Workout A from Best Body Bootcamp, 20 minute spin, 10 min run DONE

Tues, 4/9: 40 min run, 5 min row, ab tabatas 60 minute run DONE


Wed, 4/10: Strength Workout B, 35 min treadmill intervals 10 min row, 10 min spin DONE


Thurs, 4/11: 40 min spin run DONE


Fri, 4/12: Strength Workout C, 20 minute run, 10 min row, 10 min spin DONE

Sat, 4/13: Hike or home workout TBA OFF

Now for this week:

Sun, 4/14: At home workout (CBC kix and some TRX strength)

Mon, 4/15: Best Body Bootcamp Strength Workout A, 30 min run, 10 min spin

Tues, 4/16: 60 min run

Wed, 4/17: BBB Strength Workout B, 30 min spin, 10 min row

Thurs, 4/18: 40 min run, 10 min row, abs

Fri, 4/19: BBB Strength Workout C, 20 min spin, 20 min run


These are last week’s meals:

  • Monday: Southwestern Quinoa Bowls



  • Tuesday: All beef hot dogs



  • Wednesday: Loaded potatoes (regular tater for him, sweet tater for me)





  • Friday: Paninis (not sure what he wants, but I plan on having turkey, cheddar and granny smith apple on cinnamon raisin bread)


On tap for this week:

  • Monday: Teriyaki Bowls
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs
  • Wednesday: Quesdillas
  • Thursday: Buffalo Turkey Burgers
  • Friday: Homemade Pizza

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