Stuff on the Internets

More things I came across that I found worth sharing:

1. Lower fat chocolate made with fruit juice. Hmmm. No, I think I’ll stick to the regular stuff, thanks. I always see ads for chocolates that are lower in fat or sweets that are “under 100 calories” but I NEVER get them. Mostly because that means the product is pumped with way more artificial stuff which is actually bad for you in the long run. Fruit juice? A good idea, but I like my chocolate tasting like chocolate and chocolate chocolate chocolate. The end. Chocolate.

2. I have had a thing of heavy cream in my fridge for a bit (insert quick trip to the fridge to check its expiration) Just kidding, I had to throw it out. But do you ever find you have a bit of heavy cream leftover when you only need a teensy bit of it for a recipe? Well these cranberry and walnut scones can help you out with that. Scones are great because they are dense and filling and you can pretty much toss whatever combo of add-ins into the recipe. Cranberries are fantastic for scones- my mom ALWAYS makes them. And I ALWAYS eat (all of) them.

3. Ok, so I have to admit I bookmarked this one a few days ago, but never read it until just now when I meant to include it in this post. And OMG HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahAHHAHAHAHAHAHahahahHAHAHA I am laughing so hard from it that I am mad for depriving myself the last few days of knowing about how hilarious it is. YOU HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE AND YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE SONG INCLUDED TOWARDS THE END. OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. Hey, you probably want to know what the article is about, right? A ladies’ guide to a one night stand. And I’ll tell you what, this would have been useful knowledge to have pre-Tyler. Most likely college. AHAHAHHAHA yes. Just yes.

4. Chocolate chip cookie bars stuffed with peanut butter. Why have I not thought of this? Oh wait, I did stuff them with Nutella once. But that was only once because I found Nutella straight out of the jar to be much easier and just as delicious. 

5. I really want to make this jewelry board. Then I got to thinking: I have like no jewelry. So, I have change my order of priorities to 1.) get jewelry, then 2.) make jewelry board.

6. This is another one of those talking dog videos. Made me laugh/feel good to watch. Especially while I am on the phone with the bank and the registry office to coordinate things. Like, let’s talk about how the registry told me I need proof of residency, among other things, to get an Alberta license (i.e. a bank statement) and the bank tells me I need 2 picture IDs (i.e. an Alberta license) to open an account. See how that works there? Both sides are telling me I need the others. Aka: that doesn’t work. It also means that they’re uneducated on the process because I guarantee when I go to said bank/registry office, I will be able to get both. Right, so yeah…watch that talking dog video.

7. This article will clue you in on overexercising. Did you know that FAT GAIN is one of them? I honestly think that’s why I was 15+/- lbs heavier when I was living in Boston because I was taking/teaching so many group ex classes—even though I was eating healthy! Crazy thought.

Your Turn: What have you found of interest on the internet lately?