Winesday Wednesday: 5/1

Short post for this week’s Winesday Wednesday. Not too many submissions. (PLEASE keep them coming! Tell your friends…)


Chelsea (who recently had a birthday and I forgot to tell her Happy Birthday!!!!) @RunnerGirlChels (twitter) send me a pic of a wine she got for her birthday! She said it was a smooth red blend that was perfect for the patio. Um yeah….wine is always a great bday gift. Or any occasion type of gift (I guess unless it’s a “congrats on the pregnancy” type gift. In which case, I would probably bring wine as a gift anyways and laugh in their face while I drink their gift. Because I CAN)


Love wines from Columbia Valley!

Next up, Keith submitted a photo of another homemade wine (dang, I wish we made wines as fancy as all of his..they look and sound so fantastic!) Here’s what he attached with the photo:

Here is tonight’s wine, a limited edition Italian Primitivo. You know I love you if I serve this. It’s my current fave.
As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best of the current crop. It has just the right amount of weight in my mouth, a nice crisp flavor without being tart, nice depths and mix of flavors, without being heavy or overwhelming. We had this with BBQ chicken burgers, and of course it went very well. It’s also great just drinking by itself. It’s a beautiful deep ruby red. I wish I’d bought and made two.
Sounds fantastic. I think we are about to pick up a limited edition case of our own…but not sure yet.
Monique @burpeestobubbly (twitter) sent a collage of boozy goodness! 1) Wine 2) Mimosa 3) Sangria. Yup, I want to drink that whole collage right now.
Nicole @hauterunningmama (instagram) posted a pic of a wine I had never heard of, and yet I want to buy mostly because of its name: Laughing Stock Vineyards Syrah. I looked it up online and it actually sounds yummy, too. (To be honest, I really buy a lot of my wines based on the label or the name…)
Mary @mkc7946 (instagram) posted a beer pic!!! (Seriously, I equally love both wine and beer…OK, and liquor too) This one looks really good, and she mentioned it was her new favorite beer!
Surprisingly, I didn’t get any pictures from my mama (I’M TOTALLY CALLING YOU OUT, MA. PS: WE SHOULD MARGARITA SKYPE THIS WEEKEND)
And to round out this week’s pics, here is my selection for the week: Rigamarole Red
Chosen solely because it had a Gibra on the label (I told you I’m a very visual person). It was a bit dry, and I only ended up having a glass of it. Tyler finished it off over the weekend. 😉
I have been invited to a Brewmaster’s Dinner for Big Rock Brewery! They are introducing a new brew and I am SO EXCITED to attend! I was invited for the launch of another beer back in January, but was unable to attend because I was out of town. I can’t wait to share the experience with everyone!!
See ya for next week’s installment! (Remember, you can email, tweet, instagram or fb me your drink stuff!)

13 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday: 5/1

  1. If you’re going to buy a wine kit, do not cheap out. Life is too short. Go for the 18 L kits, or the premium or ultra premium kits. There’s one that comes in a black box I think highly of, just can’t remember the name at the moment. If you want to buy only one kit, pick a local retailer, unless you want to go for a drive. If you want to buy two, drive to Red Deer, and you’ll save the gas money, and have enough left over for lunch. I bought 3 kits reserved, and saved enough to buy a fourth.

  2. All these drinks are making me thirsty! I also choose wines based on their label or name. They aren’t always good though!

  3. I failed this week with Winesday Wednesday, my deepest apologies! I did inhale/consume wine, need to be better about tagging it! As always, some awesome options mentioned 🙂

  4. That`s awesome (the brewmaster`s dinner) sounds like it should be a great time! Next week I will get something in for winesday wednesday (as I for sure plan on tucking into a bottle over the weekend!) Love some of those labels… I pick based on the label/name/price!

  5. Hello! I just came here because my heart went out to ya after reading a comment on Lindsay’s blog….what courage to follow your heart!!!
    Any- I came here and was greeted by win.
    Suffice it to say, nice to meet you friend.

  6. This post made me think back and realize that I had sangria sunday, wednesday, and thursday this week! Tis the season, I guess! Of course I failed at taking pics of any of them, so I will make sure to take pics at the bacon and beer harbor cruise on sunday!

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