Monday Moves: 6/3

It’s me again. I have been trying to upload the pics I had Tyler take for my Monday Moves (they were all upper body exercises and they were GOOD!) but for some reason, my camera decided to take its sweet time loading them to my computer- and then my camera died. Being the good blogger that I am (HA!) I wanted to have something for you guys for Monday Moves, so I decided to post the upper body workout I completed tonight at the gym. 



This is a pyramid workout, so you complete one rep of each move, then two reps of each move, then 3 of each…all the way up to 10 reps of each move. Once you hit 10, work your way back down the pyramid and complete 9 reps of each move, then 8 reps of each…all the way back down to one rep of each. By the time you complete the entire pyramid, you will have done 100 reps of each exercise! Not bad, huh?



I’m probably going to eat my words tomorrow, but I am surprisingly not too sore from this one. I even did yoga earlier today AND used heavier weights for this! I’m thinking after a couple hours of rest, I’m going to have some sore shoulders at least..we shall see!

Hope this is something you guys will like…but please, let me know! I can do other Monday Moves posts that incorporate workouts or exercises you want to see!

4 thoughts on “Monday Moves: 6/3

  1. I love pyramid workouts since you have something to countdown. I’ll have to give this one a try. I will definitely need to start with lower weights since my upper body is weaaaakkkkk.

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