Well, I am sore. This week has had a whole bunch of new workouts and boy am I feeling it today. I was messaging Athena last weekend about how I felt in a rut with my workouts, since none of them were leaving me sore the next day. I was even trying new exercises, varying sets, progressions, you name it. Nothing was working. Then I started my 30-day unlimited Hot Yoga pass last Friday and I somehow got back on the wagon with some crazy workouts. And I have woken up blissfully sore every morning since. Yeah yeah yeah, I know about recovery and all that, but I have also been mindful of targeting different muscle groups and what not so it’s a different sore each day.

The last workout I posted was the upper body pyramid workout. I admitted that I didn’t feel anything afterwards. Apparently I forgot about DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), because I ate my words the next day! My chest and triceps were aching. Then on Tuesday, I did the same pyramid format but with upper body exercises:

6_5 pyramid

Yesterday I tried yet another new workout! My friend Christie invited me to the martial arts studio, 5 Elements Martial Arts, where she works (her sister owns the studio) to take a Fitness Kickboxing class. I have only taken (and taught) cardio kickboxing before, so I was excited to give it a try! Christie lended me the equipment- hand wraps, gloves and shin pads. Her sister taught the class and did a mixture of combinations with the bag and floor work. It was definitely a much different kickboxing workout when you are actually punching a bag than punching air! I really loved the class and hope to go more, but it is on the other side of town (I know, lame excuse, but it takes forever to get there!). Perhaps in addition to the anchor I want Tyler to install for my TRX (instead of using the door) he can also put one in for a punching bag? Just a thought. I mean, it did help me get out a lot of stress and anger 😉

Combined with all these workouts, I have also been going to a Hot Yoga class every day. I have already noticed a lot of improvement, and am always excited for the next class. I think my recent leap of faith to try yoga led me to be less nervous with trying the kickboxing class– although it really helped to know someone there. I made it my goal to try at least one new-to-me workout during the month of June and I already have that accomplished! I am looking to try other new things, so if you have suggestions (like, where is the best Barre studio in Calgary. What about pilates?!)

On to fitness-y things from these here internet box:

I am convinced that if my friends Athena and Ashley and I were friends and boys in the 80’s, we would look like this

Also, Athena- I think you need to teach #7 from this video:


Ok, now I’m really excited to workout today!

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  1. I got more and more excited every time I saw my name in this post. I’m a loser.

    Thank you for posting these videos. They are HILARIOUS. I just tried to show Tim and he didn’t really get it. And we totally would have looked like that in the 80s. LOVE!

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