Things of Late

Ahh, I wish I could have this past weekend back and relive it over and over. It was great weather, good company, and yummy food!

Thursday evening, I had plans to meet up with my friend Mackenzie at Color Me Mine. I thought it would be a great activity- and finally one that didn’t involve beer with the two of us. But, as soon as we got there, we noticed that the prices were sky-high! We hightailed it out of there and where do you guess we ended up……………a bar.



I was kind of bummed that we didn’t end up with any pottery- since I was really hoping on painting a pretty sweet cake stand. Ah well.

Friday I took the puppies to the park for a good chunk of the afternoon. They got lots of play time in with other pups and Layla got in a few swims.



We had hot dogs for dinner. And beer. Delicious grapefruit beer. It tastes best with a shot of vodka in it. Don’t question the madness- just try it!



And the puppies helped man the BBQ with Tyler.



Saturday, we went to Canmore to visit our favorite brew pub and to walk around for a few hours. It’s always such a delicious experience when we go to Grizzly Paw!



Tyler ordered the deep fried pickles and fish and chips and I got the veggie panini.



To top off a wonderful afternoon, we had ribs for dinner! They are seriously so good that I almost eat myself into a coma every time Tyler makes them. So worth it though.



We also started watching Weeds. Yup, I’m addicted to that show. I am seriously loving Netflix with all this binge watching I can do. 

Sunday we met up with our friends Crystie and Greg at the Sun and Salsa Festival. Tyler and I went last year and it was so damn HOT. This year was a lot better temperature wise, but it was still crowded as hell. Yuck.

We stopped at one of the restaurants within Kensington (Pulcinella) for pizza and it was so good I seriously could have eaten two. 



Lots of stuff was on the agenda today, but I want to get in a couple episodes of Weeds before bed tonight. Catch ya later!

What’s your favorite new-to-you show?

12 thoughts on “Things of Late

  1. Looks like a great weekend! Brian makes the best ribs too…so good and worth the time he puts into them. I work in Kensington and always forget about the sun & salsa festival. I really should go one year!

  2. What is your coleslaw recipe! It always looks SO GOOD! Mine never comes out that pretty. There’s a good chance you’ve already posted it but I can’t find it!

    • That picture is actually Baja chopped salad! But it looks really similar to coleslaw! I usually buy the bagged coleslaw then add mayo, mustard, white vinegar, lemon juice and pepper. I don’t measure, just to taste. I mix it together a few hours before eating so that it can ‘marinate’ in the fridge for a bit.

  3. GRAPEFRUIT BEER? I need an IV drip of that shit, IMMEDIATELY! You know, I’ve never tried deep fried pickles – are they good? Stupid question? 😉

    My fav new-to-me show is Homeland. We just finished season 1 & are anxiously awaiting the season 2 release on dvd.

    • OMG homeland is SO good. We binge watched both seasons and I’m dying for the next one to come out!!!

      I’m not a fan of fried food..but I’ll try a bite here and there for Tyler’s sake- and these pickles were the BEST! The seasoning had a little heat which I loved- went perfect with the crisp pickles they used.

  4. GRAPEFRUIT BEER? I need an IV drip of that shit, IMMEDIATELY! You know, I’ve never tried deep fried pickles – are they good? Stupid question? 😉

    My fav new-to-me show is Homela

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