I Forget What I Did Last Weekend

I really should have recapped the long weekend sooner. Because now that I’ve sat down to do it, I realize two things:

  1. I really didn’t do much
  2. …that I can remember anymore

The only way to jog my terrible memory is to look through whatever photos I managed to take. And usually on weekends, I take terrible pics.

Ok, so what happened last weekend? Hmmm. I somewhat remember eating lots of bacon and lots of eggs. I sat on the patio floor with the dogs and scared all passersby with my wispy afro.



I took the puppies to the park while Tyler was still sleeping. All the of us (me, Reggie, and Layla. Because remember, Tyler is still at home in bed at this point) frolicked around and hopped in the river. A super sunny trip to the park calls for ice cream upon our return. 



I met up with my friend Mackenzie to paint pottery



..and drink beer



And Tyler made ribs for us.


So yeah, I definitely need to work on getting these posts written sooner rather than later so that they’ll actually have content. 

Things of Late

Ahh, I wish I could have this past weekend back and relive it over and over. It was great weather, good company, and yummy food!

Thursday evening, I had plans to meet up with my friend Mackenzie at Color Me Mine. I thought it would be a great activity- and finally one that didn’t involve beer with the two of us. But, as soon as we got there, we noticed that the prices were sky-high! We hightailed it out of there and where do you guess we ended up……………a bar.



I was kind of bummed that we didn’t end up with any pottery- since I was really hoping on painting a pretty sweet cake stand. Ah well.

Friday I took the puppies to the park for a good chunk of the afternoon. They got lots of play time in with other pups and Layla got in a few swims.



We had hot dogs for dinner. And beer. Delicious grapefruit beer. It tastes best with a shot of vodka in it. Don’t question the madness- just try it!



And the puppies helped man the BBQ with Tyler.



Saturday, we went to Canmore to visit our favorite brew pub and to walk around for a few hours. It’s always such a delicious experience when we go to Grizzly Paw!



Tyler ordered the deep fried pickles and fish and chips and I got the veggie panini.



To top off a wonderful afternoon, we had ribs for dinner! They are seriously so good that I almost eat myself into a coma every time Tyler makes them. So worth it though.



We also started watching Weeds. Yup, I’m addicted to that show. I am seriously loving Netflix with all this binge watching I can do. 

Sunday we met up with our friends Crystie and Greg at the Sun and Salsa Festival. Tyler and I went last year and it was so damn HOT. This year was a lot better temperature wise, but it was still crowded as hell. Yuck.

We stopped at one of the restaurants within Kensington (Pulcinella) for pizza and it was so good I seriously could have eaten two. 



Lots of stuff was on the agenda today, but I want to get in a couple episodes of Weeds before bed tonight. Catch ya later!

What’s your favorite new-to-you show?

I’ve been gone

I’ve been gone for a while, did you miss me? Probably not.

Food has been consumed. As well as adult bevvies. A Costco trip. River walk with the dog. All sorts of things. But I’m not about to recap them in detail. I DO have somewhat of a life, ya know.

But- yesterday was Canada Day and Tyler and I celebrated with some ribs and corn.

And MANY rounds of margies with our new toy!

Sun was out, it was lovely. And BOOM. Five minutes later, this happened:

Holy chub arm.

Since today is a holiday, Tyler has been selling stuff on Kijiji while listening to trance music, and I have been working on my fitness.

I did the GLADIATOR workout from the Nike Training Camp app. It was 45 minutes of strength intervals. I am sweaty as a beast, but I still don’t feel like a got a ‘full’ workout in. I might change my mind in about 5 minutes once my adrenaline high wears off.

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