pizza and things

oh my god, i forgot i had a blog.  whoa. here’s what’s been happening:


1. i bought things from lululemon. i went to the mall this past weekend, brought 3 things into the dressing room, and ended up buying all 3. Only reason i bought them all was because i had a bunch of mall gift cards. hallelujah!

2. tyler and i went to without papers for pizza last weekend. it was pretty good, awesome upstairs dining space, cool vibe, and yummy selection of pizzas. tyler’s birthday is tomorrow and we’ll be heading over to una for some more pizza (my favorite in the entire city!)

3. we’ve started watching Hell On Wheels on netflix. It’s so hard to find a series to watch as a couple that a.) we haven’t already seen, or b) that’s not super girly or super boy-y. i’m never saying boy-y again.

4. i’ve also starting watching documentaries on english castles every night. i might be getting old. i should probably get a hobby.

5. i started a scrapbook! oof, i AM getting old. I have been saving my coupons for Michael’s and making trips to buy stickers and card stock and inserts. cue the granny music.

6. 3 more weeks until i go home! so exciting. only drawback is that tyler and the pups are staying in calgary. i hate to say it, but i probably won’t miss them too much while i’m home stuffing my face with cider donuts, soft serve, playing scrabble and napping.

7. i almost went on a rant about work, but that’s not professional. but i want to! rawr. some (re: MOST) days I feel like i have to deal with…ah, i won’t say it. you might know what i’m thinking though.

8. with the change in weather here, the nightly walks with the pups have been filled – I MEAN FILLED- with rabbit, squirrel, bird, and cat sightings. AKA: Reggie howls the ENTIRE time. holy crap it’s loud and sorta embarrassing. would it be mean to get him a shock collar?

9. tomorrow is tyler’s birthday (i already told you that) but it also marks the 5th anniversary of when i adopted my layla boo! funny that my first fur child wound up having the same birthday as my now hubs? and my mama’s birthday is the day after! She’s *muffled noise* years young! you’re welcome, mom, for not sharing.


10. i bought a new shower curtain.


wow, that last one was lame. time to go!

Pizza Pizza

I’ve decided that I can’t stand recaps. (probably temporary)

The whole idea of ‘first I did this, then I did this, then I saw this, then I ate this” is somewhat nauseating. I admit to falling into that habit now and again (moreso when I wasn’t working) and realize it’s actually probably more interesting to the writer that they ate pizza on a Saturday night than it is to readers…who probably did the same thing.

So here’s my recap of Saturday night….we went out for pizza. (see what I did there? Bash on something then do the EXACT thing that bothers me. Hypocracy at it’s finest. Feel free to judge, but only say nice things in the comments if you even bother to comment!)

After running mundane errands, I ran over to the gym to bust out this workout. (wanted to share that workout in case you’re looking for something new that will challenge you!)

On to dinner….for a LONG ASS TIME now, I’ve wanted to go to Una Pizza + Wine on 17th Ave. I follow them on twitter and they almost ALWAYS have a wait for tables—> they don’t take reservations. After our fabulous dinner out last week, we agreed that now was the time to finally indulge in what is rumored to be some of the best pizza in Calgary.

photo 5

We got there around 6:30 and was told a table for 2 would be ready in about 30 minutes. Since the place is practically a hole in a wall, they take your phone #, encourage you to get a drink at a nearby bar, and call you when your table is available. SWEET DEAL, YO. We walked across the street to National and enjoyed some fun, new-to-us brews before the call quickly came telling us to head back to Una.

photo 1

photo 2

True to it’s name, the restaurant has a rather large wine selection, so we opted for an entire bottle (c’mon guys, you KNOW me) and it ended up being a great selection! A really smooth wine that paired perfectly with our pizzas.


We both ordered The Beltline pizzas, except I added pineapple on mine- per the recommendation of a friend. You’d maybe expect the flavor to be a little outrageous, considering the combination of ingredients, but it was totally and completely perfect. We were spoiled because what we originally thought to be a less desireable table turned out to be the best spot to watch them prep and cook every order. (I even broke out my stopwatch to see how long it took to cook the pizzas. 7 minutes if you were wondering).

photo 1photo 4photo 5photo 3

The pineapple on my pizza was cut SUPER thin and the sweetness of that combined with just the hint of maple syrup that was drizzled over top really balanced out the saltiness of the bacon and sausage. There- is that descriptive enough for you? My mouth is watering and now I want another pizza.

We left Una with full bellies and conversation filled with how much we loved the entire dining experience. Now if only we can manage to move to an apt a block or so away, we’d be getting takeout from that place ALL THE TIME.


Also, they had the best bathroom sign ever.


PS: Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here. Deadline for entry has been extended to Jan 7th.

Crappy Blogger [& A Giveaway!!]

Well aren’t I the shittiest blogger ever. I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and throw together a decent post. Feel free to throw rotten tomatoes in my direction. Although, instead of rotten tomatoes- how about a gift card or chocolates or something like that. Get in the holiday spirit, people. Jeesh.
Some stuff from the last few days:
1.) I made these cookies and these cookies. They’re both super delicious and super easy to make. If you have a cookie swap coming up or heading to a holiday party- these would be a great fit. Or, if you want to eat cookies yourself- also a great fit.
2.) I took a half day on Friday. I thought I would fill the afternoon with some holiday shopping/decorating/baking but it ended up consisting of a nap. I redeemed myself by making a late-afternoon hot yoga class that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to make because of my commute. I thought I was hydrated enough for this particular class, but the instructor had us flowing FAST and it was so dang HOT that I ended up having to opt out of a couple moves because I could feel my heartbeat in my lips.
3.) Tyler made butter chicken for dinner on Friday. I’ve never had it and recently bought a spice package for the meal on a friend’s recommendation. Turns out, I forgot to have Tyler get yogurt/cream and the dish basically turned out like chicken marinara on rice. I guess it was pretty good, but I have nothing to compare it to. We also watched Christmas Vacation which made me a happy lady. Even happier that both pups slept on my lap throughout the movie.
4.) We went to Cora’s for breakfast lunch brunch on Saturday. Such a great place if you want good breakfast food that’s accompanied by a butt-ton of fresh fruit.
5.) Brunch was followed up with trips to Future Shop, Winners, Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Sense, Home Depot and Michael’s. It was more browsing than anything but Tyler got a game for his new Xbox? PS4? I don’t know, but he has both. Should keep him amused during his week off this week. #lucky
5.) We picked up a couple bottles of new-to-us beers that all turned out to be pretty delish. The front runner of the bunch, however, was the Whistler Chai Maple Ale. I loved it so much, I a:) wish I didn’t have to share it with Tyler, and b:) began to crave pancakes. We also watched Home Alone and SNL. Love me some drunk uncle. Feliz Navi-DON’T. Oh, and ate delicious pizza from The Rock.
6.) Sunday, typical Sunday. Laundry, general pick-up around the house, football is on, I roll my eyes, groceries, gym,… know. One small difference that really dropped me off my wallet was my ‘quick trip’ to finish up my Xmas shopping for Tyler. At least it’s all done now! Only 9 days of hoping I don’t spill the beans (I am horrible like that).
7.) I did a great little tabata workout yesterday afternoon that I thought I’d share. It got my heart rate up and made my muscles shake— all in just 24 minutes. Cannot beat that.
Tabatas were the following:
  • Barbell Bosu Squats
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press (alternating arms)
  • Bosu mountain climbers & box jump burpees (alternating)
  • Single leg step ups (alternating)
  • Overhand grip cable row
  • Spin Sprints
8.) OMG I have a giveaway!
(This is a play on words…you’ll soon see why). A while ago (when I used to participate in foodie pen pals) I was gifted a bag of OMGs. You guys, these things are YUMM-O. Not long after I received the package, I also saw the snack line on an episode of Dragon’s Den (The Canadian version of Shark Tank). So what are OMGs? They’re graham clusters with diced almonds and toffee bits covered in chocolate. A to-die-for combo. I wrote an email to the company telling them how I really loved their product and they offered to provide a case (4 bags of each flavor- milk, dark, and peanut) to one lucky reader!
To enter this giveaway:
-Comment below and tell me you’re favorite chocolate treat (if you don’t like chocolate, we’re not friends!) Feel free to post links to some of your favorite recipes!!!
Extra entries include liking me on facebook, following me on Instagram (@nutcaseinpoint),  and tweeting about this giveaway (include link to this post and my twitter handle @nutcaseinpoint). For each of the extra entries, leave a separate comment in the comments section.
Oh right, this is the part where I get to break a lot of hearts: the giveaway is to Canadian residents only. That’s right US folk, just like how you guys have the monopoly on Chobani giveaways. (Don’t worry, I have another giveaway coming up soon that you’re eligible to enter!!!!!!) Giveaway closes Friday, December 20th at noon Mountain Time.
Good luck! 🙂

Things of Late

Ahh, I wish I could have this past weekend back and relive it over and over. It was great weather, good company, and yummy food!

Thursday evening, I had plans to meet up with my friend Mackenzie at Color Me Mine. I thought it would be a great activity- and finally one that didn’t involve beer with the two of us. But, as soon as we got there, we noticed that the prices were sky-high! We hightailed it out of there and where do you guess we ended up……………a bar.



I was kind of bummed that we didn’t end up with any pottery- since I was really hoping on painting a pretty sweet cake stand. Ah well.

Friday I took the puppies to the park for a good chunk of the afternoon. They got lots of play time in with other pups and Layla got in a few swims.



We had hot dogs for dinner. And beer. Delicious grapefruit beer. It tastes best with a shot of vodka in it. Don’t question the madness- just try it!



And the puppies helped man the BBQ with Tyler.



Saturday, we went to Canmore to visit our favorite brew pub and to walk around for a few hours. It’s always such a delicious experience when we go to Grizzly Paw!



Tyler ordered the deep fried pickles and fish and chips and I got the veggie panini.



To top off a wonderful afternoon, we had ribs for dinner! They are seriously so good that I almost eat myself into a coma every time Tyler makes them. So worth it though.



We also started watching Weeds. Yup, I’m addicted to that show. I am seriously loving Netflix with all this binge watching I can do. 

Sunday we met up with our friends Crystie and Greg at the Sun and Salsa Festival. Tyler and I went last year and it was so damn HOT. This year was a lot better temperature wise, but it was still crowded as hell. Yuck.

We stopped at one of the restaurants within Kensington (Pulcinella) for pizza and it was so good I seriously could have eaten two. 



Lots of stuff was on the agenda today, but I want to get in a couple episodes of Weeds before bed tonight. Catch ya later!

What’s your favorite new-to-you show?

Pizza, Pushups, and Pink

Top of the mornin’ to ya, folks!

It is finally the end of the week (let’s all pause to do a collective ‘phewwww’).

I have no workout for you today (but if you want one, check out my Workouts page!!!) partly because my body is dead. More specifically, my right hamstring. I don’t think I have ever pulled a hammy in my life until today. Cray-balls. But, I still want to get in some sort of activity since I plan on throwing back a few brewskies with T-t-t-tyler tonight.

Instead of a workout post, or a recipe (which I gave you last night) I thought I would provide a few bits of entertainment.

1. This video art is hilarious. I don’t know if it was better with the musical accompaniment, but I was laughing my little ass off.

2. Make this pizza this weekend. If you are like Jessica (and me) then you should make two and force your man to indulge as well. Hey man, I made you food. And it has meat in it. The other ingredients should be minor details for you and therefore you should eat it. Otherwise, there is a comfy looking couch over there that may become your new bed.

3. Ok, now I feel guilty. No workout post, but a pizza post?! That’s cruel. So, while your pizza is baking away, try this workout. It’s quick and easy. And you’ll sweat. And then be tempted to eat another piece of pizza..

We interrupt this post for some SUPER SAD news:

I hand washed my 2 new pink Lululemon pieces last night. And, well…

Actually, the bleeding was the least of my worries. The worst part was that the sweat from my workouts while wearing them STAINED. As in, my Wunder Unders permanently display swass and my tank shows awful back and ab sweat. I was torn apart last night. So much money spent on 2 pieces and both are ruined. You bet your bippy I emailed AND tweeted to Lululemon about my problems.

Enough of my ranting..I have an episode of What Not to Wear to watch.