3×3 (or not) Workout

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to do a damn thing? I don’t feel sick, or really that tired (and only a tad sore from the last few workouts), and all I want to do is go home and veg out in my jammies.

Ok, I probably lied a little bit. Now that I think about it, I am pretty effing tired and super sore and just want to NOM the hell out of all the junk in the house (note: there is like NO junk in our house, which gives me a big huge sad face on days like this). Woof.

I just wanted to check in today and share with you the workout I did last Wednesday that I said I’d post.

So, to give you a bit of info about this workout: there are three sets of three exercises (first set are compound exercises, second set focus on upper body, and third set focus on lower body). When I wrote up the workout, I originally decided on completing 50 reps of each move.  Then I thought maybe I’d nix that and attempt  rounds to fatigue of each set before moving to the next. I finally went with lumping the 9 moves together and moving through the list, completing 10 reps of each at a time. I managed to get through it 4 times before hopping on the treadmill  to finish off with some intervals before it was time to get back to work.

Moral of the story: you can do this workout any way you’d like!

  • 50 reps of each move (completing 50 before moving to the next)
  • 10 reps through each for ‘x’ number of sets
  • 3 sets of ‘x’ number of reps per grouping before moving to the next
  • completing reps to fatigue of each move, ultimately reaching 50 reps per exercise (completed in however many sets needed)
  • go home and eat Ben & Jerry’s and think about the workout (unless you live in Canada, it’ll probably be Chapman’s ice cream since B&J is like $30283520386 a pint).

1_27 workout

There ya have it! Now I want a nap.

5 thoughts on “3×3 (or not) Workout

  1. And Chapman’s is now the only ‘real’ ice cream you can find, the rest frozen dessert…I’ll take a pass…or hit up ‘menchie’s. kiwi kraze self serve frozen yogurt JUST for the toppings! 😉

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