Cucumber Fruit Smoothie

Sounds kinda gross, right? But when you really want to sneak in some extra veggies (especially after a carb-filled weekend) what better way than in a smoothie?

photo 2-35

Ah if only the background of the above picture alluded to the chance of alcohol being included. Amiright?


PS: that background is actually one of a set of napkins my godmother made for me a while back. I LOVE them. I need to have a cocktail party some time so I can bring them out again.

Ok, back to the smoothie. I didn’t really measure out the ingredients, but I wanted to keep it on the smaller side so I could also enjoy a slice of banana bread. Because of that, the frozen fruit I used didn’t so much make it your typical smoothie consistency, but more of a juice. Still, totally ok with that because it’s healthy and that’s what I need on a Monday morning. Don’t remind me that I accompanied my glass with the totally not healthy banana bread. Whatever, BALANCE.

photo 1-35

Cucumber Fruit Smoothie

  • Cucumber (I used about 1/3 of a super long english cuke)
  • Frozen pineapple chunks (small handful)
  • Frozen blueberries (small handful)
  • Plain greek yogurt (2 spoonfuls)
  • OJ (enough to cover about half the goodies in the blender)

Pretty basic, right? Note: If you’re not a huge cucumber fan, I probably wouldn’t recommend this as the cucumber taste is still pretty evident. Here’s the part where I’d normally tell you that this drink would be a great way to kick start the new work week. But, since I’m not going to work, I can attest that this smoothie did help me power through 3 episodes of Scandal. So that’s something.


I fully anticipate repeating this smoothie throughout the summer when it’s hot/if I potentially need to lose baby weight (just won’t have it with the banana bread!) Plus, it’s a pretty neat change up from the typical addition of spinach or kale as the hidden veggie..especially when you don’t have either of those in your fridge.

photo 3-28

What’s your favorite way to sneak veggies? Have a fave smoothie recipe?

Grilled Naan Pizza, Donuts, and the Stairs of Death

Yesterday was full of more delicious eats. I just kept that good Monday going!

Lunch was a spinach salad with tomatoes, mushies, leftover grilled carrots and nonfat greek dressing.

Followed by a few slices of this wonderfully sweet fruit (Mango- if you didn’t want to play the guessing game)

It was a B-E-A-Utiful day out, and I think I still had a ton of energy from that Razor Blast Powder 8 that I took the pup for a 90 minute hike. Usually, girlfran can be found on her bed…or our bed, but yesterday, I found her out front. Lounging.

Pretty soon we were running up and down the hills, soaking up the sun and beautiful view

An hour and a half later, we both returned home….struggling. That hike combined with my intense morning workout really wiped me out. And Layla is just a fat pig, so anything would exhaust her.

Not gonna lie, I thought I killed her. I must have crouched down on the floor a dozen times to make sure she was still breathing. Last thing I need to add to my resume is dog-killer.

Once I was satisfied she’d survived, I went on the porch to soak up a little more sun

I’m gearing towards being the official Lululemon-branded tan. Seriously…I went to go find a pair of shorts to change into so that I wouldn’t have a terrible calf tan, but then I realized I didn’t bring a single pair of my shorts with me from Boston. Gah. I wasn’t out for too long though- I noticed some creepy dude walking up and down the street and stopping just across from our house and staring at me. So I went inside and locked all the doors. Much to my relief (or should I be scared?) A cop car patrolled the block for the next hour or so. Looks like some other housewifey-lady such as myself got spooked a little more than I did and called the cops.


Tyler is a pizza freak. I swear to God, if he were the decision maker for meals, we’d have it every night for dinner. And to be honest, the pizza bug has worn itself onto me. To change it up a bit, I decided to grill up some Naan pizzas for us.

I got the toppings all ready (pepperoni, chicken, peppers, onions, feta cheese. Not pictured: Homemade sauce and regular cheese for Tyler)

We fired up the Barbie, brushed olive oil on either side of the Naan (I use the term ‘brushed’ very loosely. I didn’t have a brush, so I used a paper towel instead. Messy, but the job got done) and tossed them on the grill. After about 4 minutes, we flipped the bread, added our toppings, and let it grill for another few minutes.

The result:

I only used Goat cheese on mine, and it still proved to be too lactose-y. Insert tummy grumbles here. But whatever, it was T.A.S.T.Y.

I decided that I was going to go without sweets for the next two weeks- just as a personal challenge. And I have already found my sweet-reward once this challenge is over: Jelly Modern Donuts. For some reason I have had a huge craving for donuts lately, so what better way to ‘earn’ one than by abstaining from sugary treats for a couple weeks?

This pic is on their website, and I had to wipe the screen of my drool

I want the Maple Bacon and the Bourbon Vanilla and the Salted Caramel….I wouldn’t mind trying all of them. If I had to.

Stop looking at the donuts and finish reading this post!

Today’s workout was going to be a no brainer. 40 minutes on the elliptical, 10 min of strength intervals and 10 minutes of abs. Bing, bang, boom and I’d be done.

I dressed up in my all pink attire and got to walking to the gym

Looking chipper as always for a 7am workout

Get this: 5 of my last 7 workouts have been at 7am! Pretty great, if you ask me. I get the rest of the day to do what I want, I have more energy, and I have been more inclined to make healthy eating decisions. Golf clap now, please.

I mentioned this on Facebook yesterday, but I thought I’d throw it on here as well: I am teaching my first boot camp in downtown Calgary next week! I haven’t been able to teach since I moved a couple months ago, so I am REALLY excited. The best part: It’s going to be outside! The bester part: It’s going to be by these stairs:


Bwahahahaha. Those are going to come in HANDY.

I made balls…and other topics

As promised, here is the recipe from last night’s dinner (from Eights and Weights)

Healthy Turkey Meatballs


  • 1 lb lean ground turkey
  • 1/4 c breadcrumbs
  • 1 tsp grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp soy milk (I used almond)
  • 1/2 tbsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 2 gloves garlic (I used minced garlic)
  • Grated veggies (I used carrots)
  • 1 pack of whole wheat spaghetti
  • 1 28 oz can tomato sauce
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 1 onion (I used 1/2)
  • Cooking spray
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degress and spray baking sheet with the cooking spray

2. In a large bowl, combine the turkey, breadcrumbs, parmesan, milk, egg, black pepper, thyme, 1/2 clove garlic, grated veggies, and half the salt

3. Once combined, form into balls (I did 12 medium sized)

4. Baked for about 15 minutes, until balls are browned.

5. For the sauce, heat the oil in a saucepan. Add in the onion and rest of the garlic. Right as it browns, add the tomato sauce, tomato paste, and the rest of the salt. (I threw in a little chili powder as well)

6. Let the sauce simmer. When the meatballs are done, carefully add them to the sauce and allow at least an additional 15 minutes of simmering before serving (I had them simmer about 45 minutes. The longer, the better)

7. Cook the spaghetti per the directions on the box. Top readied spaghetti with balls and sauce and dinner is served.


Ok now that we’re done with that, I’d like to give a shout out to Athena for the workout she posted from her Tuesday night class (Oh how I miss Two a Day Tuesdays. Not only for the workouts, but for the peeeeeeople!)

I started with 10 minutes of HIIT on the spin bike, then got right to it.

There were 2 rounds of tabatas. Then cardio after each round. I chose to do a minute of cardio between each tabata for a little extra punch.

Round 1

  • On the bosu: Pushups/Burpees
  • With a medicine ball: Woodchops/Pulses
  • Bands: Bicep curls (In and out)

Round 2

  • On the bosu: Planks/Mountain Climbers
  • With a medicine ball: Front lunges w/twist
  • Bands: Tricep extensions

Then I did all the ab work she posted. (Seriously, just check out her post-linked above- for a more complete description).

Last, I hopped on the elliptical for another 10 minutes of HIIT.

It was a GREAT workout. I swallowed so much salty sweat. (Gross. Cringe. Barf. TMI- I know)

Only difference in my workout from Athena’s was the music selection. She chose to go with a Cinco de Mayo theme. Me: not so much. I have been hearing way too much techno-y/pop-y music lately, that I needed me some rap, hop-hop and otherwise ‘thuggy-thug’ music. (This is no offense to anyone by referring to it as ‘thuggy-thug.’ I just think it’s an amusing way to get the vibe across.) Little Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Kayne, Snoop and Notorious all made appearances on my playlist this am. I gotta tell ya, that music really revs my engine.

On the way to the gym I heard this song and I got really amped to work out. It really just makes me wanna dance and twist and shake and shimmy. Please tell me that you clicked on the link. And that as soon as the music played, you started bobbing your head or rocking your shoulders back and forth. Admit it. Because that’s what I’m doing. RIGHT NOW. Of course I’m playing it on repeat until I finish this post.

Then, on the way back, I heard this song. It was my very first favorite song that wasn’t and oldie or a Disney tune. Total throwback. Not gonna lie, I have used it quite a few times in playlists for classes I ran in Boston. Best part was when someone in the class would be like “Aww man, great tune” They scored 50 points in my book.

Ok, on to address the notes I left for myself in the last post.

1) Lululemon Swimsuits.


I’m pretty sure I am going to buy all of them. I went to the mall yesterday just to “visit” them and I fell in love. Tyler, are you reading? Your lady wants a swimsuit. The gal who freaked out at the Hot Springs 2 weeks ago because of the dreaded bathing suit wearing…WANTS A NEW SUIT. I suggest you take that as a hint.

2) Calgary Beerfest


I got tickets for Tyler and I for Friday night. Very excited. VERY. There are so many new-to-me beers that are going to be there. I know, it’s a tough job trying all of them, but I feel I am up to the challenge. A lot of these Canadian beers have rivaled my favorites from the states, and some of them have been just awful. I checked out the list of who will be there, and some of my new faves I’ll at least have some backup.

3) Copycat blogging. I’m actually in a good mood today, so I don’t want to bring myself down if I really get into this topic. Next!

4) At home workouts. I used to hate doing at home workouts because I either didn’t have the space or didn’t have the equipment. But now, I totally love them. I have my own room that I can sweat to my heart’s content. I’ve got my mat, my stability ball and my new weights. So many options.

5) How much I hate washing dishes. The end. I just hate it.

6) Positives and negatives of being a lefty. Positives: I got on a lot of sports teams growing up. I got the lefty desk in school. Negatives: Coaches had a hard time teaching me the ‘opposite’ way. I smudge over pretty much everything I write.

I know there are more, but I can’t think of them right now. I think I just wrote that on my list last night because I had completely smudged up some important paperwork. #fail

7) Sleeping positions. On my belly or on my side. If I am drunk, I sleep on my back with my arms over my head. Totally weird.

8) Favorite chapsticks/lip glosses/what-have-yous. Chapstick: Carmex. But only in the classic stick and only in the original and cherry flavors. Strawberry? Blughk. Lip gloss: Benefit Ultra Shines. I have had just about every color and love every single one of them. What have yous: Exude Lipstick. I have the lip cream in Nude- I got it from my Birchbox a few months ago (which I had to cancel when I moved because they don’t deliver to Canada! Tears, people. Tears.)

This should be sufficient reading for you all for now..There’s a lot more to get done today!

Anyone want to rant/rave on anything? I’m all ears!

This post was not done on my computer. Poo

So I just checked my stats and someone from Australia read my blog today. Pretty awesome.

Let’s recap today, shall we?

I was up and at ’em at 7am and headed to the gym. Look how ecstatic I am:

Since I did a lot of strength yesterday, I decided to keep today’s workout simple. I did 61 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. No typo there- 61 minutes…why? Because the dang machine reset (or so I thought) and I had to add the time I thought was left to complete a full hour. I was off by a minute, and the machine didn’t reset, so it showed I did one minute extra than intended. Go me.

They open the cafe at my gym just as I am getting there in the morning and they are brewing coffee and engaging in other shenanigans, and more often than not, sugary yum yum treats with scents so delicious waft up to the workout floor (it’s right above the cafe with an open-air entrance) and I have one of two reactions:

1) Barf

2) Want a sugary yum yum treat.

Seriously, bad layout plan.

Once I got home, I made a breakfast similar to yesterday.. Except this time I used frozen bananas, chocolate protein powder and almond milk. Honey Nut Cheerios made another appearance.

Ahh, it was so good, and so filling. Only downfall is that it makes me cold all over. In addition to a rainy day and my sweat starting to cool down- I was in a bad place. So, the only cure was to take a hot bath. A REALLY hot bath.

60 minutes later, I was pruney and had completed my library book. (#forthewin)

(Here is where I tried tirelessly for 20 minutes to insert a picture of the cover and source the site from which I obtained said picture, but the stupid internets is not behaving and I did not want to omit the link. blahhhh)

Anyhoo, it was a good book. Super easy read…perfect for a rainy day/tub time.

Lunch was another batch of vegetable stir fry. Love me some veggies. Definitely got my daily requirement in this meal!

Why that picture is small, I don’t know. But I am using Tyler’s laptop, so that might be the reason. Sad to say, but I have almost completely forgotten how to use anything but Macs. I was only using one on a daily basis at work no more than two months ago! Oh well, I guess the memory chooses what it wishes to remember…

I am now about to show you a picture of my nail color. Ugh, I am so frustrated because my nails are so short. I got fidgety the other day doing paperwork and I cut them all off. Le sigh. But this color is cool, so it should distract you from the scary boyish nail length.

Again, small picture. Back to the Mac tomorrow!!!!!

The afternoon was spent at the mall for some top secret stuff. But, I did my awesome Jen thing and chatted up the sales associate at one store and scored some free samples! I can’t tell you what they are samples of, because it will ruin the surprise of what I was purchasing. I will let you use your imagination for what the heck I could have possibly gotten. Any guesses would be appreciated in the comments, thanks.

Oh, and I also got probably the most awesome message from one of my besties today.

This is what I’m known for, folks. Ridiculous consumption of all nut butters. I am sad to say it has been near a week since I have had any. It’s too expensive here. Would anyone like to send me some…perhaps from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s? I promise that if you do, I will send you some homemade cookies!! 😉

Dinner was homemade sauce and turkey meatballs with whole wheat pasta.

Since I can’t link from this computer (insert mad face here) I will share with you the recipe tomorrow. Here’s a teaser: there are shredded carrots in the balls! So delicious and nutritious. (#forthewin….. AGAIN)

We watched a movie after dinner, and a tummyache kicked in. Nothing to do with dinner, folks. That’s all I’m saying. It’s not cold in here, but I watched the movie like this

There are a few other things I’d like to discuss, but this tummyache is taking precedent. Below are the topics (these are for my notes because I don’t have a pen and paper nearby, and I am too lazy to jot them down in my phone.)

  • Lululemon swimsuits
  • Calgary Beerfest
  • Copycat blogging (Ugh, I know I am totally going to poorly express my thoughts on this one, but it has been bothering me lately, so I would like to write about it nonetheless)
  • At home workouts
  • How much I hate washing dishes
  • Positives and negatives of being a lefty
  • Sleeping positions
  • Favorite chapsticks/lip glosses/what-have-yous

Ta ta for now!

Covering all the bases

Sit down and relax, this is gonna be a long one.

After I spent pretty much ALL morning on the phone with different immigration/customs people, I threw my hands in the air singin’ aaaaaa-yo and called it quits for the day. Moving to Canada has been by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Harder than college or fit tests or solving mathematical equations.

I rewarded myself with a trip to Safeway with Tyler’s credit card. I didn’t go crazy- mostly tons of produce. After I got home, I reheated some leftover tortellini for lunch.

I gave most of the kielbasa to Layla. A) Less calories consumed for me; B) Layla is most likely going to be a gassy mess tonight. Sigh.

I think she felt guilty for having such an indulgent snack that she gave herself timeout.

Funny story: Tyler bought Layla two new toys yesterday, both of them with strategically placed squeakies. Before going to bed last night, I put both of her toys in her bed- where she so conveniently decided to sleep that night. Well, in the middle of the night, she must have readjusted her sleeping position, because the toy squeaked and her, Tyler and I all freaked out. Like, she jumped a foot and Tyler and I instantly sat upright out of a deep sleep. It reminded me of the scene in Home Alone with Kevin’s parents realized they slept through their alarm.

Moving on.

I baked a healthier version of no bake cookies. (Ok, i didn’t bake them, but you know what I mean)

I found the healthier alternative on Eating Bird Food. Really, the only difference is using a mashed banana rather than a stick of butter.

I don’t know if you know this, but bananas are better for you than butter. Unless it’s Sunday, then who cares (I repeat: Calories do not count on Sundays)

These cookies (yes, cookies is plural, I had three because I am the baker and I am allowed) were enjoyed while I read through two new magazines:

Not too many things caught my eye in either of these. Bummer. When I did my prelim flip-through in the store, they looked like they’d be winners.

Hey, remember when I posted about some stuff I bought? Honestly, you should remember because I haven’t been buying anything since I had a job. (Other than health insurance and almond butter from Costco.) Well, it arrived today!

The raspberry ketones and protein powder plus a muscle magazine and two trial packets for free. free. I am really pumped to give these a go tomorrow before an early morning workout!

Speaking of workouts (see how this post just naturally flows?) I thought I’d show you guys my workout from last night:

10 minute HIIT on the elliptical

weighted squat series (x2, make sure to go through on each leg twice with 12 reps)

-split squat

-elevated squat

-reverse split squat

10 minute HIIT on the elliptical

arm series (12 reps of each x2)

-bicep curls

-tricep kickback

-chest press

-dumbbell fly

-shoulder front raise

-lateral raise

-front/lateral combo

-overhead press

10 minute HIIT on the ski-machine thingy. I Googled an image for you if you don’t understand my techincal lingo:


ab series (I just did a ton of each until my core was burnt out)

-stability ball crunches

-stability ball weighted russian twists

-stability ball plank

-stability ball side crunches

Overall, decent workout.

This morning, I put my daily fitness goal on facebook

And I did it. And it was hard. And I loved every single burpee. Surprisingly, the burpees got easier the closer I got to 100- my body was in the rhythm to really push through and explode on the jump. That makes me a happy lady. I got so pumped up, I ended up doing a bit of kickboxing as well!

Check out one of my guns

For dinner, I decided to make stuffed peppers. But not our regular ol’ stuffed peps. These were healthy and different and good.

I found the recipe here. I cut it in half so that Tyler could have two, and I would have one. I put some ground beef in Tyler’s because he’s manly and needs meat and protein. Woof.

My lil lone pep. Cute. I decided to dissect it a bit to let you see the innards (Terrible way to describe food, btw)

Last one, just a little bit closer…

Couple of new songs on the iPod for tonight’s workout

Sometimes only adding one or two new songs in the mix really amp up a workout. They helped me get through those burpees!!

On a final note, I am seriously considering buying a Lululemon skirt. Not for running- but for normal everyday summer wear. Yes? No?


Ok, I think that just about covers all the bases. I have run out of things to write about. Hopefully you were entertained? I was…I love blogging this stuff.

I am off to the gym with my 4 new songs and 100 burpee-in guns and I am going to get a serious sweat session on!