I love my dogs so much and I cried this morning because I realized that pretty soon there’s gonna be a baby in the mix and I won’t have as much time to give these guys puppy snuggles.



In other news,

  • I’m now on season 4 of Parenthood (yes, holy shit I did watch an entire season yesterday)
  • The guy cutting my blinds to size at Home Depot this morning was getting a little too chatty about my pregnancy. Awkward.
  • OJ is really expensive but so so so worth it
  • The ‘barista’ at Starbucks this morning had the HARDEST time understanding someone’s iced coffee order. It was painful to witness. And if you don’t understand how to pour coffee in a cup with ice, you probably shouldn’t be working at Starbucks
  • My parents get here in 2 days!!!! And my mom and I have pedicures on Friday because y’all know a gal’s gotta have decent toes when giving birth. I kid, I kid…I’m only in it for the massage chair and potential Five Guys burger for lunch.
  • Anyone in upstate NY need a large unused dog crate? I bought one for Layla 5 years ago and she never used it and it has been sitting in my parent’s house since I moved to Calgary and I need to get rid of it. Let me know!
  • Calgary has the worst drivers ever. Like the WORST. I’ve subjected my poor unborn child to entirely too much swearing when I’ve gotten behind the wheel. No one knows how to back out of a parking spot. Or merge. Or use their turn signals. Or just the freaking speed limit. Gahh, I’m getting worked up just thinking about it!

What’s something random you’d like to share?

14 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. You’ll just add a baby to the cuddle mix. When they are so wee you just cuddle a lot. The pups will love it. But I cried about that too. YAY for the fam in 2 days! I agree with Calgary drivers. Delainey is going to start swearing soon. Oups.

    • Haha I know, I might have an early swearer by default as well. For some reason, the only word the works on Layla 100% of the time is the F word (I think her former owner did that) so when I get really desperate, I say it so that she will do as I say. How bad is that?!

  2. You do have the cutest dogs ever. You’ll still find time to cuddle them, because after all, your baby will grow up and won’t need you any more. Your dogs will always need you. And yes, Calgary drivers are the worst. Especially the ones in pickups, big SUV’s, and BMW’s. One of my buddies had a great line when people got too familiar with her, “here, why don’t I lie down, drop my pants, and you can run your hand up there to feel for yourself.”

  3. OMG I watched that video you posted in your comments! That person should have her license revoked!!! My 3 year old could probably drive better!! She has started repeating some of my driving comments….

    You will still have lots of love and cuddles for your pups. Yay for your parents coming so soon!!

    Some people don’t have boundaries.

  4. I can’t wait for the puppy and baby boy photos!! They’re going to all be best buds! I’m excited that your parents are coming! It sounds like you’re super close with them. I know how nice it is to have family come visit šŸ™‚

  5. I feel like Red Deer also has terrible drivers. Maybe it’s an Alberta thing.

    I remember the most random people asking the most random pregnancy questions when I was pregnant. Like the drummer from Hedley asking if I was planning a natural birth when I was working a meet and greet. What?! Turns out his wife was pregnant too.

  6. I had get a pedicure on my to do list before baby arrives and never got to it. I ended up wearing socks the whole time in the hospital anyways. I did treat myself to one a month after she was burn and it was wonderful!

  7. Yes, OJ is stupid expensive! I drank a lot of it when I was pregnant – it just seems to quench your thirst better than water some times! And I’m pretty confident that Edmonton drivers are worse than Calgary šŸ˜‰

  8. Those dogs photos are TOO MUCH. So cute. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say Boston drivers are even worse. It seems like all the lines on the road are just suggestions.

  9. Yes, yes yes on Calgary drivers! šŸ˜‰ Not sure how we haven’t really connected before, but I’m also from the US and now live in Calgary (from California) – excited for your time with your parents and WOW your little one comes so soon! šŸ˜€

  10. If you putnthe dog crate on Craigslist someone will snatched it up quick! Cute dogs, and like everyone has said, I bet the new baby will only add toothed cuddles.

  11. Should have proofread my comment before posting!!
    If you put the dog crate on Craigslist someone will snatch it up quick! Cute dogs, and like everyone has said, I bet the new baby will only add to the cuddles.

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