Winesday Wednesday 6/24/15

YES. My favorite day of the week because I get to chat about drinking. Only thing better would be actually drinking. Maybe later.


I enjoyed a glass of red wine on Friday- it was the 2013 limited edition cabernet shiraz Tyler made last year. Honest to God, if I didn’t tell you Tyler made it, you’d think it was at *least* a $25 bottle of store-bought wine. I’m glad there are still about 24 bottles of it left.


..because I never get out of my pj’s..

Oh, and then this happened:

photo 1-59

I know. What the heck, right? I think it’s Bud’s way of getting in on the cider craze because that’s exactly what it tasted like. Personally, I’d prefer an actual cider over this, but it was neat to at least try it! Same goes with an actual margarita over those margarita flavored buds. Does anyone even like those?

Tyler finally bottled our pinot grigio last night. I was able to taste a sip and it’s SO good. MOM: get ready for your visit in August- there are 30 bottles of Pinot Grigio waiting for you! DAD: Don’t worry, we won’t let mom drink all 30.


And by the end of the week, we should have the cabernet sauvignon bottled as well! I might just hog that all to myself.


Speaking of homemade wine, check out Keith’s post here to see what he’s recently bottled! <—YUM

Michael sent me another beer pic (he’s an IPA guy and I am NOT but his descriptions always make me crave whatever he’s writing about!)



He wrote: The beer on the left is On The Wings of Armageddon on nitro tap. It’s their double IPA that I guess came about during that whole crazy period of the predicted end of the world a few years back (Way to go Mayans! We’re still here!) It has the texture of Guinness but the delicious flavor of a hoppy west coast IPA. The sample draft on the right is the maple bourbon barrel aged version of the SAME beer and it. was. INCREDIBLE.

See what I mean? Don’t you want one now? I’d love to try the one on the right FOR SURE.

Our local liquor store hosts various events and I just noticed that on June 26th they’re having a Fruitbier event! The description: An evening devoted to the fermented fruits! We will explore Radlers, Lambics & Fruitbiers and what makes each style a distinct class. You will have the opportunity to team up with friends to create a one of a kind custom made fruit beer to top it off as well! I’d KILL to go, but 1) don’t want to go alone, and 2) we don’t have a babysitter if Tyler and I both go. Because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be cool to bring a baby.

But…he would fit right in, right?

photo 2-56