Weekend Recap

I knew I should have typed this up as soon as the weekend was wrapping up….because I totally forgot what we did. Let’s see how good this memory is for me….

FRIDAY: Wes and I headed to Chinook mall and walked around for a few hours. I also checked out a new/used kids store. We had pizza for dinner. I think that’s it?

SATURDAY: I got up pretty early with Wes and we did his morning routine before I headed out to get my hair done! I went to my stylist’s house for the appointment because she’s also on mat leave and it was a great few hours. Not only did I get some time out of the house, but I left with a fresh new color/cut. I picked up a couple bottles of wine on the way home then putzed around for the rest of the day. We watched Focus then called it a relatively early night.

photo 2-53


SUNDAY: Wes was a sleep machine! after a 6ish wakeup, he was up again around 9, then passed out on my lap for a few more hours! This is when I demonstrated REAL strength- I had to pee for the 2 1/2 hours he slept on me and I held it the entire time. As soon as Tyler came in the room, I passed him off!

photo 4-27

I had a friend and her daughter come over in the afternoon and we did some Father’s Day crafts while Tyler worked on cleaning up his truck to sell. It was a great few hours of crafts and conversation. We rounded out the weekend with Game of Thrones–> immmm BIG finale episode!!! PS: Tyler sold his truck yesterday, so we’re finally down to 2 family-friendly vehicles!

See you tomorrow for Winesday Wednesday…where I take a 2 minute break to NOT take pictures of Wes or talk about Wes or anything baby related!