Weekend Recap

Hey friends! This weekend wasn’t really full of events or anything, but I still loved it. (so weird, normally when it’s gorgeous weather I NEED to have plans!)

On Friday, Wes and I walked TWO different malls. An outing for him…racking up fitbit steps for me! For dinner, I picked up some steaks which Tyler cooked on the BBQ along with baked potatoes and garlicky mushrooms. YUM. Then….Wes slept through the night! Tyler and I high fived each other when we woke it. It was glorious.


Saturday, we went to Home Depot, test drove a car, cleaned the patio, mowed the lawn (<—that one was all me), walked the dogs and suffered through about 3 hours of nonstop crying. To clarify, it was Wes doing the crying. He still managed to go down at 11:30 and didn’t get up for the day until 10:30. To clarify, Tyler and I also slept until 10:30. Sure, there are like 4957049 things we could have done, but hot DANG sleep won that battle.


Sunday, we started the day with bacon and eggs. It’s pretty much the best way to start every Sunday in my opinion. I hung out with Wes and did some house stuff & worked out while Tyler played football. We had chicken kebobs on the BBQ for dinner and well….that’s it.

See? Nothing super fancy to report, but it was great weather and we’re all still alive. SUCCESS.

Other random tidbits:

  • I committed the ultimate party foul the other day: I fed Wes then immediately poured myself a glass of sangria and began making chocolate chip cookies. BUT, the kid did NOT want to sleep so I had to cover the glass with foil and put it back in the fridge. SUPER SAD FACE Y’ALL
  • On one of our walks, Reggie stuck his head through someone’s fence and didn’t want to continue walking. Since I’m a weirdo and talk to my dogs when were out for walks, I said to him “don’t be such a snoopy dog.’ And then I started laughing out loud because Snoopy is a beagle. Oh my God, how much of a loser am I?
  • I finished week 3 of T25 Alpha! I’m pretty much back to the intensity I was at pre-pregnancy except for some of the plank work..still building up to that. I’ve also been walking the dogs a bit longer each day (around 3ish miles) and Wes gained even MORE weight so carrying him around still overrides any dumbbell workout I’d typically do. Around 15k steps each day according to my fitbit. Sa-weet.

Hope you had a good weekend!