Weekend Recap

Well, I waited too long again to do a weekend recap because I have no idea what we did this weekend. Hell, I don’t even remember this morning. I have been pretty sucky at taking pictures this week so even those aren’t helping to jog my memory. Here goes…

Friday: I made pancakes for breakfast and my mom made a cake (totally a belated bday cake and it’s my FAVORITE). We wandered off to Winners to shop then headed to Cochrane for a quilt pattern my mom wanted to pick up. Plus, we wanted to browse the shops, have lunch, and enjoy some local ice cream. Slight change in plans once we got there- my mom got her pattern but we couldn’t really hit up many of the shop since they weren’t stroller friendly. Also, some NASTY clouds started to roll in and we didn’t want to get stuck on a patio in the rain so we opted to head home for lunch. After a quick nap on grandma, us adults had pizza for dinner then hit the hay.

photo 1-69

photo 3-49

Saturday: We had to get up super early because Wes had an 8am appointment for his 4-month shots. Stupid me for booking an appointment at that time because we actually had to wake him up. GRRRR. He ate pretty quick, and we headed over and got the whole thing done in about 45 minutes. He cried when he got the shots but quickly calmed down and slept for a few hours on TWO different occasions throughout the day.

Afterwards, I attempted to take photos of Wes for his 4 month update then we went to Costco. It was also my last day doing the 21 day fix EXTREME and I celebrated with a beer. (OK, two beers). And fajitas. Because….well, fajitas are delicious.

photo 1-70

We managed to watch Hot Pursuit before going to bed.

Sunday: Again, not a super exciting day to round out the weekend. We had sausage and eggs for breakfast, I took Wes for a long walk around the neighborhood, and we ate ribs for dinner. There may have also been some wine involved, but I’ll chat about that on Wednesday.

photo 3-50

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I have the same problem, I forget everything! Sounds like a good and delicious weekend! Beers to celebrate ending the fix sounds perfect!

  2. I do not even like cake but that cake looks good!
    How did you like Fix Extreme? I have done it a couple times not but modified with running and yoga classes added in.

    • Extreme was good- I like it a lot better than the regular 21 day fix I’m doing now. But I guess the change up is good– more of a break now and then when I’m done with this, I’ll go back to something more challenging

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