Weekend Recap

Hi friends! Hope you had a great weekend. I have to take more pictures so I can remember what the heck I did over the weekend since everything seems to just blur together.


After breakfast, Wes and I went for a 4ish mile walk. I tried to go on the bike path as much as I could since the city sidewalks are TERRIBLE. I generally try to walk when Wes needs to nap and he usually falls asleep before I’m even down the driveway, so a smooth ride is necessary!photo 1-78

When we got back, Wes stretched his legs out a bit in the jumperoo, I had lunch, and we went to the mall with my mom to pick up some stuff. (UM HELLO Quest bars are only $24/box here! I hate Canada for stupid high prices. And I was able to pick up some cherry Carmex chapstick because that’s the best stuff EVER)

photo 2-75

photo 3-54

Before getting back home, we had to make the mandatory stop at Rob and Deb’s for some soft serve. Their last day of the season was Sunday, so it was muy important I get some. I inhaled it in about .4 seconds.

photo 4-33

The evening was pretty low key:

  • I did my workout on the back porch. I started Insanity this week and it’s pretty good! The cardio + humidity = SWEATY JEN. PS: I’m not a Beachbody rep or anything, but the workout programs they have are great for my lifestyle because they are quick and EFFECTIVE.
  • We had tacos for dinner. Wes sat in a high chair for the first time ever and loved every second of it! I especially loved that I was able to eat my dinner with two hands. And sit at a table.
  • I rifled through my mom’s closet of funzies and found an old members only style jacket I used to rock in college.
  • Wes was a major PITA (pain in the a**) to get to sleep, so it took my mom and I almost 2 hours get finally get him settled and to bed. I don’t blame him– a time change, new environment and different routine will do that to you!

photo 1-79


Super fail on my part- I took like ZERO pics on Saturday. From what I can remember of the morning, I was up at normal time with Wes to feed, then I had my own breakfast before my parents offered to take Wes for a walk. Do you know what that means? That means this lady went back to bed for a 90 minute nap. It was GLORIOUS.

I hung out with Wes the rest of the day- some naps/snuggles/feeds/walk then we all went out to run some errands. In the late afternoon, Wes and I went of to my friend Amy’s new house for her housewarming party. It was great to see her and her new place! Wes did great, too. We stayed for a few hours until Wes fell asleep (plus it was raining).

After getting home, I had leftovers for dinner, did my workout, bathed Wes, then went to bed.



Happy Grandparents Day! We had mimosas to celebrate.

photo 2-76

My Sunday brunch was accompanied by my favorite episode EVER of Friends. With a side of baby mat time. And some blog reading. PS: It’s the episode when Ross and Rachel get drunk in their hotel room in Vegas and get married. Ahhh hilarious.

photo 3-55

It was pretty yuck weather out but my mom and I managed to squeeze in a walk before it poured. The rest of the afternoon/evening was pretty lazy. And then there was pie.

photo 4-35

Before bed, I got my workout in and it was SWEATY. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t realize it until I was humming Wes to sleep last night that the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle are the same tune! Mind= blown.

Sidenote: my parents had the Miss America pageant on last night and was it just me or did all of the girls have the most whack walks during the swimsuit portion?!! I couldn’t handle it.

How was your weekend?


13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Glad you are having a great visit. Grandparents rock. Love the jacket and so glad you are loving BB programs. That’s WHY I became a rep. Cheaper workouts and shakeo!

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