Weekend Recap

Another great weekend in the books! Which also mean one week closer to going home..womp.

Friday: Obviously the day started with pancakes! The consistency of these are way different than the ones I make at home..I now know just how awesome my Vitamix is! But these are still tasty as ever.

photo 1-84

Wes didn’t want to go for our usual morning walk, so we relaxed for a bit longer before going out to run a bunch of errands. I took him all over the town and we managed to be gone for a few hours before returning home for lunch. He had squash and cereal and I scarfed down a green juice, apple, and multi-grain chips.

photo 2-81

If you saw my Instagram post, you’d know that I prefer hamburgers to green juice.

My parents walked Wes to get coffee, so I took advantage of the ‘me’ time and got through a workout and showered. I 20357239057% did NOT want to workout, but pushed through it and felt much better afterwards.

Then we were off to a local brewery for a beer and some food truck eats! (more on the brewery in this week’s Winesday Wednesday post..don’t miss it, it’s good!)

photo 4-38 photo 3-60

Holy moly the pulled pork Quesadilla was SO good! My mom and I both loved that they had diced pickles in it. I paired my dinner with the Haus Sour which complemented the flavors pretty well (oddly enough).

On the way home we stopped by Cooper’s Cave for some hard ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter cup for the win!

photo 5-22

This place is right along the bike path and we watched several runners pass by..I looked it up and it was one of those Ragnar races (193.7 miles from Saratoga to Lake Placid). I felt pretty confident in myself that I was eating ice cream and not running. Sidenote: I went for my first run in almost a year on Thursday and managed to maintain a decent pace for about 3/3.5 miles. Also, I think I broke my groin? I don’t know, but all the things in that general area are sore. So that’s awesome.

The night ended pretty early since Wes fell asleep at 8:15 (YAY FOR EARLIER BEDTIMES) so I painted my nails and got in bed to watch a few episodes of Grace and Frankie. Is anyone watching this? I think it is absolutely hilarious. HIGH-LARRY-US.



Saturday: After our usual morning shenanigans, Wes and I headed over to Local Fest. Know why it’s called that? Because it’s local. Like, literally just down the road from my parent’s house. It was a pretty neat little fest because it showcased all of the people who have shops/space in The Shirt Factory. (The building has a pretty neat history. Check out that link to read more about it!). I carried Wes in the Ergobaby and he did awesome- all the ladies loved him 🙂 There were so many neat furniture pieces that I would have loved to buy, but it would cost a fortune to ship to Calgary. Boo. So I walked away with a bar of peach zinfandel soap.

photo 1-85


It was a tough decision on which scent to choose so I was really happy to see on the card that she has an etsy shop! Perfect for future purchases. Check out her shop here.

After checking out the fest, I put Wes in the stroller and went for a nice long walk. I really enjoy taking the bike path and I get to pass a lot of places around town that bring back old memories (mostly good ones..) It’s totally gonna suck going back to Calgary. Boo.

photo 2-82

After we got back and digested lunch it was time to workout! (<–sarcastic emphasis. I did not want to work out). My parents were out running errands, so I dragged the jumperoo out onto the porch and we wound up working out together! That’s my boy.

photo 3-61

That evening, my best friend and her family showed up from NH! I hate that we live so far away because I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and our visits are SO SHORT. And her daughter Keagan is so big!!! She was the flower girl at my wedding and I can’t believe how grown up she is.

10.20 wedding7

Dad made ribs for dinner, we stayed up to chat for a bit, then hit the hay. Oh, and I finished Grace and Frankie. I NEED more episodes STAT.

Sunday: Rise and shine, it’s baptism time! Kristin (or as I call her, Kysha) is Wes’s godmother (hence the visit). We all got ready then headed over to the church. The mass went by pretty quick and Wes was on his best behavior. He was actually sleeping when it came time for the water to be poured on his head, so that was a bit of a rude awakening for him. Buuuuut in true Wes fashion, he didn’t cry! My mom took video of it that’s hilarious—if only I could figure out how to upload it. Hmmmm… My only regret is not taking more pictures!

I just re-read that paragraph and it was so poorly written. I don’t feel like changing it. Sorry!

photo 5-23
photo 4-39 photo 3-62

photo 1-86

photo 2-83

After mass, we had brunch at Morgan & Co. downtown. Almost the whole table ordered eggs benedict and they didn’t disappoint. I’m pretty sure I could eat eggs benny every day. Mmmmm

photo 3-63

photo 2 photo 1-87

photo 2-84

Shortly after, Mike and Kysh had to leave to head back home. Queue the instant onset of Sunday blues. My mom and I took Wes for a long, slow walk to soak up what might be the last bits of warm fall weather. And to ward off that gross Sunday sad feeling.

photo 1-88

And it wouldn’t be Sunday without flipping through the ads! Good thing Wes was there to help grandma flip the pages.


My baby boy fell asleep at 7! SEVEN. S-E-V-E-N P-M. I was going to celebrate by having a beer in the bathtub, but we had no beer. (What the whaaaat?!!) So I settled for twizzlers in the bathtub. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, but still did the trick.


How was your weekend?

PS: I swear I’m not lying when I tell you this kid smiles. He smiles ALL.THE.TIME. I will catch it on camera sooner or later!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I loved Grace and Frankie! I really hope they don’t wait too long to put out the next season. How long are you in New York for? For some reason I assumed both parents had to be present at a baptism! W’s baptism outfit is the cutest!!

  2. What an awesome weekend!! So much fun! You are so busy while you are there and looks like you are having a great visit! I love your dress for the the baptism.

  3. Busy and fun weekend you had! Your groin may be sore because you haven’t run in a while and may have gone too far/too fast/too soon…only speaking from experience 🙂 I want ice cream now…damn you

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