Winesday Wednesday 11/11/15

Hi friends! Happy middle of the week to you!

Once again, not much new to share here. I haven’t been to a liquor store in AGES, so if Tyler doesn’t bring home anything new I pretty much have nothing to post.

I surprisingly didn’t drink a single thing this past weekend- just wasn’t feeling it. Plus, I really wanted quality sleep since Thursday night was pretty rough. 

But today (this morning) I made us some pretty delicious bevvies:

Coffee ice cubes + vodka + baileys + coffee = the best math equation ever.

Coffee ice cubes are the BEST. 

Michael shared a new beer, too!

 It’s a brown ale from Hill Farmstead in Vermont.
Yum! I used to not be a fan of brown ales, but have recently tried a couple that have been tastier than I thought!

Don’t forget to share any new booze finds/products so I can compile a Christmas Wish List!

What are you drinking this week?