From the Week


Mondays. Mondays are already ew on their own. But to start it off bright and early with a consultation for my wisdom teeth? Barf city. On the way to the appointment, I had a pretty delicious smoothie (vega chocolate nutritional shake, pb2, quinoa, greek yogurt, almond milk.)


I put Wes down for his nap as soon as I got home so I was able to fit my workout in. Once he was up, we played for a long ass time. My knees are starting to take a severe beating with all the up and down from the floor with a heavy baby!


After Wes went down for his afternoon nap, I headed out for yet another appointment, this time for my annual physical. The good news- my blood work came back with flying colors and I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes.


For dinner, Tyler whipped up some fajitas. SO DELICIOUS. It’s one of our go-to’s when we can’t decide what to have. I could probably eat them every day.


The evening was pretty typical- I walked the dogs, Wes got a bath, and we hung out until it was time for the dude to get to bed. I put him in his jolly jumper to wear him out a bit before bed time, and the kid.can.jump.

Wes jumping from Jen Linton on Vimeo.


Same old same old kinda day. Lots of playing with Wes.


Baby boy is obsessed with flipping now. He even slept on his belly during his naps! Layla’s not super impressed, but she’s tolerating it. Reggie could care less since he hardly touches the floor (he sticks to his bed or the couches as often as possible).

Long naps are great because I can get in my workout, shower and attempt to look somewhat human.


Later, I met up with Leigh and Brie at Craft for dinner. It was really nice to get out of the house and have some girl talk- even if I did stay up way past my bed time! Fish tacos for the win. The only downside: it started to snow while we were out. Ewww.



I woke up at 5 and noticed that Wes was on his tummy again, so I slept pretty crummy for another hour or so before getting up- it’s still a new position for him so I’m a bit paranoid he will suffocate or get stuck and freak out. (I know, I know, he’s most likely fine but I can’t help it!)

I did a lower body workout in the late morning that left me absolutely dead and wobbly. This means not only was it a great workout, but it was a CHORE trying to walk back up the stairs afterwards.

We had an appointment for Wes to check on a scratch he has on his nether region which turned out to be fine. I’m betting he just wanted in on the doctor-appointment action.


We picked up some groceries before heading home for lunch.

You know it’s a pretty decent day when you can take a 2pm soak while the baby sleeps. I’ll take it.


We had pulled pork sammies for dinner and went to bed just after 8pm.



It wasn’t even hard getting out of bed at 6:15am when you’ve had about 72 hours of sleep. That was fantastic. And yet, my cardio workout for the morning was ROUGH. I was gasping for air like a fool- but it was so worth it afterwards.

Wes has been really great going down for naps lately- he’s out in almost 5 minutes each time. I think I have finally started to pick up on his tired cues so I don’t haphazardly attempt a nap time when he’s not ready.


He slept on his tummy the entire night before, so I won’t be wrapping him in a blanket anymore.

Another thing- he figured out how to use a straw! I bought one of the Playtex straw cups and had him attempt it only twice before he got the hang of it. Solid food feedings are now just too funny- he wants to eat EVERYTHING and drink EVERYTHING and throw EVERYTHING.


And I somehow manage to still get in my snack plates. Even if it does come with a staring owl.

I also baked a loaf of apple cinnamon bread that is delicious! I didn’t make the topping as listed in the recipe, but instead topped with sliced apple pieces and dusted with cinnamon/sugar.


Dinner was a stuffed sweet potato (loaded with pulled pork, broccoli, cheese and green onions).


I took the pups out for a walk and it was SO SLIPPERY. Goddamn snow and ice. No wait, goddamn dogs. They’re terrible on the leash (better lately) and when combined with inclement weather..I am doomed.

I poured myself a glass of wine after Wes went down, but ended up only taking a couple of sips before calling it a night. WHO AM I.