From the Week


Well, yay. Wes woke up at 2am. It was just for a feed, but I could NOT get back to sleep afterwards. Our bedroom was super warm, so I tried to catch some shut eye in the guest bedroom, but it just wasn’t happening.


The good news is that Wes then woke up on the right side of the bed later that morning. We got the usual done then headed over to my hot yoga/spin place to pick up something.

It was snowing out, so no walk for us. Besides, we had the good fortune of having to wait for the person come to fix the water heater. And guess what? After I had to run outside and chase him down to not leave our house- he looked at the heater for all of .2 seconds before stating that he needed to order a part and he would be in touch tomorrow. UM GUY I can’t wait until tomorrow. Cold water in snowy weather is not ideal. Especially for more than 1 day. Insert all the rage.

Anyhoo- we had salsa chicken for dinner which turned out freaking delicious. Afterwards, I put on THREE layers and took the dogs for a long walk around the neighborhood in the dark. I HATE WINTER PEOPLE. Cold + dark + no hot water = SEND WINE AND DRY SHAMPOO AND WET ONES.



Ok, so maybe going ‘real’ showerless for a couple days is good for my sleep? Because I slept for 9 hours and 10 minutes without a single blip. Or so says my fitbit. I woke up feeling amazing! And to top it off, I had prepared a bowl of brownie batter overnight oats the night before, so breakfast was all ready and waiting for me. BA-BAM.

I ran out real quick to run some errands before the guy came to fix our hot water tank. Now for the bad news: the HVAC people didn’t come. Which means another day sans hot water. Don’t even get me started-it is the worst customer service EVER. RAAAAAAAAAGE.

To combat this evil (and my stink) I made a giant peanut butter cookie. I should mention I was wearing my oh-so-sexy mom uniform.



It was DELICIOUS. Wes had a nice long nap and we did some reading and lots of jumping in anticipation for Tyler to come home. You know, so we could all sulk together about our lack of hot water.



I made us a super easy and quick Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry for dinner. It was really good! I highly recommend it AND adding sriracha 🙂


I got the coolest package in the mail, too!


One of my friends asked me to be her bridesmaid! Amy is one of my New York high school friends and we have been through A LOT together: matching tattoos, an apartment in Boston, boyfriends (yeah, we may have dated some of the same people. whoops), and lots and lots of drunk stories…which are the best kind. She still lives in the town where my parents live and her wedding will be in that area next October! Bonus: she already sent me a pic of our bridesmaid dresses and they are THEBOMB.COM. I can’t wait!


The day started off with some blood work. Ewww. It was just for my annual physical, but it had to be fasting, which made me a hangry lady at the lab. Thank goodness it was done quickly, so I was able to get home and have a shake for breakfast. Note: it was 7:30AM. WHO AM I THAT 7:30 IS LATE FOR BREAKFAST???? Ahh.


Wes was great the whole day- his afternoon nap even lasted 2 hours! Tyler and I were a bit grumpier because of some hiccups with getting our hot water tank repaired. The customer service was TERRIBLE and the tech was absolutely clueless on what to do (we even heard him on the phone with the tank manufacturer who was actually upset with him for not having any tools to properly diagnose the problem). Yikes.

Once the guy was gone and the tank was fixed (hooray, it only took him 3 visits!!!!) I took Wes for a nice long walk. It felt really good to get some fresh air and I was in even better spirits knowing that a HOT shower was in my near future.


Dinner was chicken and dumplings- my favorite dinner growing up. It was delicious.


I took the dogs for an evening walk- the double dose of fresh air felt unbelievably good, we bathed Wes, then I laid in the tub for as long as my body could take it. I might have even had a glass of wine too. Ok, well only a few sips because the hot water + wine made me a bit buzzy.


It was a pretty great day! Wes slept in, I got my workout done…and I put on real people clothes! Gasp.


Only downside is that my hair dryer bit the dust. I think Tyler and I are having the worst luck with things ‘working’ for us.

After Wes woke up from yet another long nap (kid’s on a roll this week with tons of 90 minute naps!) we ran some errands, had lunch, and I did the ever important task of baking a DELICIOUS ginormous chocolate cookie.


I got some good smiles out of Wes throughout the afternoon. So nice, since we are pretty much stuck in the house! I really really HATE this cold weather.


I made spaghetti pie for dinner before meeting up with Susie to go to a local comedy club. It was a pretty good show, but not as vulgar as I was expecting (is that a good thing?!)






Do you have any fun plans this weekend?