From the Weekend

No play by play on the weekend this week. I’m pretty sure if you scroll through the past dozen or so Weekend Recaps, you’ll see the same things happened. These would include:

  • eating pancakes Friday morning
  • watching a movie Friday night
  • pool class at the Y on Saturday afternoon
  • Costco
  • Sunday BRUNCH
  • hanging out
  • the end.

See? Same old same old. I hardly took any pictures either. But here’s what I’ve got..


Yup, Friday morning pancakes. While I watch an upside down, tummy sleeping Wes.


Snack: Apple slices w/pb, raisins and chocolate chips. I didn’t even want this, but it was the only healthy option in the house that wouldn’t fill me up too much before dinner.


Dinner: Leftover lasagna, caesar salad + garlic bread. Afterwards, I went to pick up another EXACT SAME jumperoo off Kijiji. Now we have one upstairs and downstairs!

Saturday dinner/dessert: CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza. I saw Costco now carries them! They’re one of my favorites (well, when you order it in the restaurant. The frozen ones aren’t the same quality, but they’re pretty OK for being frozen) & melted chocolate with Halos. Yumm.

I’m quickly realizing that many of my photos are of food. Too many.


There ya go, a photo of my boy. And Layla!


Committed a major party foul and accidentally used ONE CUP of butter for this recipe instead of 1/2 cup. The results? Not terrible, but yeah…super buttery. I am hoping that after a couple of days in tupperware they’ll set nicely and be edible.

Who am I kidding…I’m  still gonna chow down on them today. And tomorrow. I used this recipe and used Oreos, dark chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chocolate chips. And double the butter…don’t do that.


Another non-food picture! Wes, of course. He is an absolute black hole for solid food. As soon as I buy it, it disappears. It actually makes meal time for him pretty entertaining for me. Despite the fact that he chucks his toys on the floor about 20597139523502 times.


Random dinner of a mini cheese quesadilla and a portion of southwest chopped salad. 

Some other tidbits:

  • The pool was way too cold this weekend and Wes did NOT want to be in it, so we left after 5-10 minutes.
  • I had my first fall of the snow season and completely wiped out on the ice as I was getting out of the car at Costco. Made me GRUMPY.

How was your weekend??