Weekend Recap


Woof. Ok, so the day was a bit to a rough start since I only got about 5 hours of sleep. Staying out late the night before absolutely did me in and I could NOT function in the morning. It was worth it, but man oh man I don’t think I could do that again for a long while. IMG_0227

somehow still did my workout, even though I have no idea where I had the energy to get it done. Wes and I played a lot and read a lot of books, so it was a pretty chill day. We even had matching stripes!


We had leftover spaghetti pie for dinner and watched Trainwreck before heading to bed. The movie was a lot slower and a bit more depressing than I thought it would be. Meh.

Oh, and remember how I mentioned in my From the Week post that I went to my spin studio to pick something up? Well…..


The studio purchased new bikes so I bought one of their old ones. Best part is: the exact one I ended up with was purchased for the studio only 1.5 years ago and never even put to use! I found out when I got it home that because of that, the belt just needed some greasing so once we got that done (WD40), it was ready to go! Just have to buy a mat to put underneath it and it will be moved into our movie room so I can spin and watch TV. Because: #priorities.


I felt 352039572039572% better after getting a full night’s sleep! I changed up my pancake breakfast a bit by adding some pumpkin pie spice to the mix and topping them with pb2 sauce. PB2 and pancakes are good on their own, but I just didn’t LOVE this combo. Maybe it’s because I have a gross addiction to pure maple syrup? Yeah, probably. Next time I’m just sticking with plain ol’ pancakes ‘n syrup.


While Wes took his morning nap, I ran to the store to pick up some more squeeze packs for him. The boy is a MONSTER and eats almost 3 a day PLUS milk PLUS oatmeal. After he woke up and ate, we headed to the Y for his pool class. This one was my turn and it was super fun because they had big float pads for the babies to sit on, and we did a lot of ‘running’ in the pool- rather than just bobbing around and dunking them.








We hit up Costco (per usual) after the class, then headed home to snack/unwind/do random shit around the house.



While Tyler ran a few errands, I whipped up a batch of Double Chocolate Chip Swirl Cookies.




Yup, they’re pretty much the best. I use Sally’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies all the time (I tweak it a bit), and this slight change-up was still pretty easy to make and very tasty! I underbaked them too so they’re nice and gooey- the way all cookies should be.

For some reason, the afternoon pretty much disappeared and before I knew it, it was dinner time! Tyler made a FREAKING DELICIOUS meal of steak, caesar salad, garlicky mushrooms and roasted potatoes. I could eat this every damn day.


And of course, more Wes time.


After he went to bed, we watched Amazing Race and caught up on Walking Dead. Holy cow is this season intense or what? I had so much anxiety watching and now I’m afraid of the dark and zombies in my house.


Tyler was on baby duty while I busted out my workout in the morning- sometimes cardio/plyo can absolutely kick my ass when I haven’t done it for a couple of days, so today’s workout left me with jell-o legs. My favorite. Then: breakfast! Also my favorite.


Since it was Sunday, that means football was on alllllll day. And I can confirm that there are now two males in my household who are obsessed.


He stares forever at the screen when football is on! He’s also been perfecting his rollovers- funny kid can roll from back to front no problem, but still hasn’t got the hang of the other way around. I’m also trying to snap as many gummy smiles as possible before the inevitable first tooth makes its appearance.





While Wes took his afternoon nap, I took the dogs for a long walk while it was still light out. Our walks during the week are always in the dark (thanks WINTER) because I have to wait for Tyler to get home. For those, I get to now rock an awesome headlamp. You know, for safety. It’s totally sexy.

Before leaving, I sliced up some apples and put them in the oven to make apple chips. Two and a half hours later, I got a beautiful bowl of chips that were devoured in approximately two and a half seconds. NOMS.


Tyler fed Wes some solids while I laid in the tub (terrible husband, right?) and watched another episode of Master of None. Is anyone watching it? I think it’s hilarious. I want to post like 235923 gifs, but I think the show is too new for any gifs to exist on the internet. Plus, I’m too lazy to make a gif myself.


We had pulled pork quesadillas for dinner. Pulled pork is one of my favorites, but what made this pork even tastier was throwing it in the crockpot with ROOT BEER instead of broth. Took it to a whole other level. So yum.


In case you were wondering, 99.9% of my meals are on the floor next to Wes. Case in point: (HAHAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE? It’s part of my blog name. Ahhh actually, that’s lame) see similar photo with a slightly different angle..



How was your weekend??