Random Things Thursday

I’m gonna quit saying I’m looking forward to the weekend because I could just let time freeze for now. I’m loving my time with my baby boy, I’m loving (shock and awe…wait for it) doing chores around the house, and I’m loving being able to run errands during the day and avoiding the wretched weekend crowds. Tomorrow my little man will be 9 months old which brings me even closer to my return to work and I am getting more and more sick to my stomach about it!

  1. Wes tried smoothies for the first time this week! The first one was a mixture of fruits, greek yogurt, oats and almond milk and the second had some spinach added to it. The LOVED the green smoothie- I had to slow him down! He uses this cup and it seems to do the trick in ensuring a slower flow. He’s also been able to munch of some rice husks which seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. This guy loves his food!

2. Thanks to Brie’s post earlier this week, I was able to take advantage of Victoria’s Secret sale- buy a sports bra, get a legging for free! I had a store credit, so it cost me nothing AND I rounded out my quick shopping trip with a stop at the used kid’s store and picked up some oldie buy goodie books for Wes.


3. Dinners from the week have been pretty easy and super tasty! Monday: Slow Cooker Gnocchi in Creamy Pork Sauce (I used chicken) Tuesday: Mild Italian Chicken Sausage with couscous and sautéed zucchini Wednesday: Asian Turkey Meatballs with steamed broccoli and rice. I plan on making a slow cooker pot roast tonight with leftovers for tomorrow!

4. Monday and Tuesday nights have been tiresome! Wes got up at 5am Tuesday morning and 3am Wednesday morning to feed and each time it took him nearly 90 minutes to get back to sleep. I don’t mind because he rarely does this and I love the extra cuddles, but it really gets to my brain and body when I try to get some shut eye afterwards! It’s a good thing he’s cute.

The lack of sleep causes me to take some obnoxious (and cute!) photos of him 🙂








5. I finished Making a Murder on Tuesday night and Ken Kratz is just super creepy to me. That is all.


6. I’m 90% sure about which day home we will choose for Wes. I checked out another on Tuesday and it seemed a bit too crowded plus the caregiver will be having surgery just as Wes will start there so I’m taking it as a sign it’s not meant to be. We are checking out another place today, but I think my heart lies with the place we checked out last week. It’s $$, but I think Wes will get better attention (which is the most important part!)


7. Tyler noticed that Best Buy OF ALL PLACES had Quest Bars on sale online…the deal (keyword DEAL: regular $39.99; sale $32.99/box) was up until yesterday. So I bought three boxes. These are on my short list of things I will splurge on. Also on that list: Sodastream CO2 canisters (I go through one every 2 weeks), Vega nutritional shake powder, Bio Oil, and anything for Wes.


8. To all my friends in the US: you can come visit me now. Do you know what the exchange rate is right now? Granted, most everything here in my expensive, but still…MORE MONEY IN YO POCKET! Seriously, come visit me. (hint hint: I’ve been here FOUR YEARS and only one person has visited!!!)


Tell me something random!

12 thoughts on “Random Things Thursday

  1. Have you tried the Pure Protein bars from Costco!?! They’re AMAZING and the Coconut ones make me feel like I’m eating a bounty chocolate bar (with 20 grams of protein!) Returning to work is SO HARD!! I splurged for the extra expensive daycare, and cut back other places, b/c I wanted London to have the best too. The things we do for our kids!

  2. It’s worth it to pay more to have your child in the best care possible, in my opinion.

    I’m super jealous I wasn’t able to take advantage of the VS sale. womp. I love that sports bra!

  3. I wish I had moved to Canada before having kids, I would love to have had a year off work! I’m heading back in March and definitely already feeling sad about it. Having a good day care makes a big difference though.
    I love the photos of Wes and the doggies! And in the reindeer hat! You get such great pics of him.

  4. I will come visit you as long as there’s a marathon to run close by…LOL great Quest bar deal! You just reminded me I need to get to 24 HF and get a box since we get a discount!!! I love the s’mores ones too!

  5. Those are super cute photos of Wes. I can’t believe he’s almost one! I love Vega protein powders- they are so good! But I have a hard time committing to buying a whole canister so I waste money by buying packets… stupid, but at least I get a variety!

  6. Yay! I’m glad you got in on the VS deal! Love the sports bra you got! I couldn’t get a fun colour, they were all gone in my size (stupid big boobs!). Those photos of Wes are SO cute! I love that hat. I can’t wait to meet him on Tuesday!

    The exchange rate is ATROCIOUS!! I can’t believe anyone would travel to the states right now.

    I’m glad it sounds like you found a good day home. Peace of mind is priceless in my opinion ❤

  7. Cute pictures of Wes! I saw that sale and should have taken advantage of it as my boobs have changed sizes yet again. Are their bras supportive? Glad you found a good day home…it makes going back to work a bit easier

    • I think so, yeah. There are a lot of styles I don’t care for because the straps and buckles hit where I would be annoyed. This one is really light and comfortable. I bought it one size 34 instead of 32- up because I anticipate putting a few pounds back on!

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